What did Lenin do for the USSR?

What did Lenin do for the USSR?

  • He stood as they say at the origins. With the money of the Germans, he started a bloody coup with millions of victims and millions who left forever.

    And what exactly did you say that is difficult, for a country called Russia, nothing good, for the USSR? As a result, it turned out that there was nothing good either, the country with that name turned out to be not viable.

  • once he raised a twig, and then they added a log to him, and since then we all have to go to subbotniks)), regardless of what day of the week this subbotnik falls on) whether it's Wednesday, it's still subbotnik)

  • Lenin is the one who made the USSR!

    And so, indiscriminately watering - sorry, this is somehow not gentlemanly.

    And was Leninism really that bad?

    And more

    What did Lenin do for the USSR?

    wait and see

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