What is scrolling? Where is scrolling used?

What is scrolling? Where is scrolling used?

  • This is a form of providing information in which an image, well, or text, moves from edge to edge.

    Sometimes scorching is called the mouse wheel.

    Famous examples of scrolling: All titles in movies, opening credits in Star Wars, or the Running line during news, etc.

  • The word "scrolling" can be understood as a form of presentation of information on a computer screen when it does not fit completely on the screen. When you need to move it horizontally or vertically to view. And also the word "scrolling" can mean a wheel, for example, on the mouse for this movement, or, as they say, for scrolling a window with information.

  • Scrolling is a function provided by some programs to view the information they display on the display of electronic devices. When the size of the screen (or window) is not enough to display everything, a vertical bar appears, indicating the ability to "scroll" the screen up and down. The specific value of the scrolling step (by one line, on the screen or somehow else) is set in the program settings. The command for scrolling is given by the mouse (wheel) and the keyboard (special buttons, as a rule, if the settings do not provide otherwise), by moving the fingers (on devices with touch screens).

  • This is a scrolling of information from the bottom up when it no longer fits on the screen. Then the topmost line disappears, and all the rest are shifted one line up.

    Previously, there was such a microcomputer, it was called ZX Spectrum. So there, when the page was full, the computer asked: Scrolling Yes / No. And if you answer Yes, then the subsequent shift of the screen starts up, and the bottom is filled with new information. This was done in order to be able to read what was written on the screen. After all, if the program did not stop and such a question was not asked, the person would not have time to read the output and the lower information would go up and hide behind the upper edge of the screen.

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