What does it mean if handwriting becomes like a doctor's with age? Why is it changing?

What does it mean if handwriting becomes like a doctor's with age? Why is it changing?

  • There is no need to look for the answer to this question from graphologists. The same doctor will answer much faster. For those who sit at the computer a lot and move the mouse with their hand, the hand grip and the structure of the muscles on the hand change. It becomes inconvenient and uncomfortable to write with a fountain pen, the hand becomes narrower.

  • My handwriting has been changing for a long time and now it continues to undergo some changes. And this is normal, because the handwriting depends on the character of the person, and it can be "polished" over time, from his environment (when I began to communicate with a person with illegible handwriting, I began to write a little indistinctly), from the mood and state of health in the end ... It is possible that in some cases there is a violation of the brain and thinking activity.

  • No wonder, there is such a science - GRAPHOLOGY, which by handwriting can determine the character of a person.

    And if you are not a primary school teacher, then you cannot write in the same handwriting at 20 and at 50. Because you have a completely different character. The character has changed, the handwriting has changed. Everything is logical.

    Previously, I also had a more legible and understandable handwriting, but now sometimes I myself cannot make out what I wrote. But if you pull yourself together, then it is quite possible to show a decent letter.

    Although I associate the change in handwriting not only with age, a change in character, but also with the fact that we now very rarely have to write by hand! The computer came to the rescue, why try? So many have relaxed. The result is illegible handwriting.

    What does it mean if handwriting becomes like a doctor's with age? Why is it changing?

  • Nerves, I guess. As we age, we get more and more nervous, and even more tired. Hands get rough, joints ache. Bad handwriting is a bell that it's time to raise money for seedlings, and learn not swear words! Just kidding)) In the course, it's just a matter of a little workout, write more often and you will be happy)))

  • My handwriting deteriorated with age. I mean, at school I tried to write legibly, albeit not very beautifully, but now I'm not trying. I write only for myself - it is especially good that no one meddles in my notes and does not try to read. Just like a chicken with a paw, I take it out so that only I can make it out myself. If you need to write in documents and / or for other people, I write more legibly. Sometimes it even turns out to write beautifully.

    Handwriting can tell a lot about a person's character, but character changes over time. A couple of handwriting parameters change, and a layman no longer recognizes the handwriting (that it was written by the same person). What I said about my handwriting already says a lot about me, right? Secretive, I like to show off in front of strangers, I try not to cause unnecessary inconvenience to people.

    About the photo I want to say: maybe a person is sure that his handwriting will be disassembled by those to whom the text is intended? "Let them now adapt to me," that is what develops from the explanations to the question.

  • many have changed their handwriting over time, including myself. I personally associate my case with the fact that before, all my records were checked by some parents or teachers. and now my notes serve only me, only I read them. that's why I was most likely lazy to write beautifully, and began to write so that I could make out the leash myself

  • For a long time I worked where it was necessary to write invoices, various statements by hand. She wrote quite well and clearly. Then it turned out that it was necessary to write in Russian only via the Internet or SMS, and by hand in another language. It lasted 7 years. Arriving in Russia, I realized with horror that it was difficult for me to write a simple application or fill out a questionnaire! Sweat flowed straight from my forehead, I can't print letters, I write something unimaginable. Moreover, it was easy and familiar to write in another language.

    The conclusion I draw is that if there is a long break, then there is no handwriting at all, you need to learn how to re-learn everything. I did so. I took the copybooks in the literal sense, and wrote out the letters separately. Then I introduced myself to order: keep a diary and write by hand. She rewrote poems, wrote down recipes.

    Gradually it got better, now I write normally, as before.

    I think that the work leaves an imprint on the handwriting and there may also be joint diseases.

    As an option, I met one person who wrote literally in Lenin's handwriting. She asked why so? He replied that whoever needs to understand, fools, no matter how you write, will not understand all the same. I think he developed a little megalomania and ruined his handwriting.

  • I also had beautiful handwriting in my school years and youth.

    Large, slender letters and sweeping.

    I don't know what this means for graphologists.

    But over time, the letters began to become uncomfortable, and part of what was written can only be understood by meaning or with the involvement of experts.

    I think there are several reasons.

    The first thing that influenced. Uchba, where I had to take notes a lot. And, most importantly, do it quickly. You are in a hurry, so you do not deduce, you do not try. Saved by the fact that I had to write a lot and in drawing type (coursework, thesis) in addition to notes in notebooks. Certain skills were developed from this and are still visible in handwriting.

    First work. There, too, I had to write a lot. And I didn't really follow it - beautifully or not very much. The main thing is fast.

    Second. physical work with hands. Vegetable garden, garden. Tree pruning, weeding. This makes the hands coarser and it is no longer so handy to hold this thin handle. Moreover, when you only write a shopping list once a month, your handwriting deteriorates without training.

    Third. Diseases. Arthritis, pain, there is no longer such firmness in the hands for small work, weakened vision. This is another reason.

    And fourth.

    I think there are other reasons besides physical reasons. For example, changes in character. There is such a thing. Many views of the world and character traits change (have changed) with age. You relate to many things more easily, do not consider them as important as before, priorities change.

    Now for me handwriting is less an expression of myself through written speech, more a tool for recording information.

  • As you know, handwriting can tell about temperament. No matter how much my mom taught me to write beautifully, I write just like my dad. This is my character. The handwriting, though legible, cannot be called calligraphic. Or maybe the perfect handwriting means some kind of mental abnormality?

    My classmate writes so shallowly that he can become ransomware and work as a spy. A classmate writes in a sweeping handwriting on the whole page. They both have strong personalities, but with their own quirks.

    My husband was taught to write by his mother, and as a result he has exactly the same handwriting as his dad. Handwriting is influenced by some peculiarities of our character. If all doctors have terrible handwriting, but they are good doctors, then all doctors with such handwriting are united by one or more special character traits.

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