What do you mean going home on autopilot?

What do you mean going home on autopilot?

  • "Autopilot", as I think, this is how our nervous system, our brain and thinking activity work. There is a system of unconditioned reflexes and conditioned reflexes. Unconditioned reflexes - these are those that our brain reacts from birth, the security service of our body. When we touch something hot, we pull back our hand, when we eat, saliva is released and we swallow, and conditional - these are those that have been formed during life. We respond to our name, they ring the doorbell - open it, etc. So we remember the way home, the sequence of actions for some manipulations (the same culinary recipe!). So, during situations over which it seems that the brain is losing control (with the alcoholic excesses described above, with stressful situations - a fire, an accident, some kind of catastrophe nearby, even domestic, even situational), we turn on both reflexes together... We, as it were, unconsciously begin to do what is needed in this situation. Here we connect muscle memory. We remember the way home not only geographically, spatially, temporarily, but also muscularly. Have you ever wondered: how can a dancer, a ballerina, learn so many movements? How can a driver remember the road from the first time and go along it the second time, remembering everything? So here: The brain is "out", disinhibited, but nature has given us a compass that will lead to home.

    Interestingly, people who know they can get drunk "to snot" are preparing for this return voyage home. My friend, a psychiatrist - a narcologist, with her husband, a major of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, a complete alcoholic, could not cure him of alcoholism. Moreover, at work, a handsome man, an expert - a forensic scientist, and sometimes in the evenings and nights - "a miracle - a yudo, a fish - a whale." So, I already consoled her: "It will freeze, it will get lost in the forest, it will drown in the river, it will drown in a puddle, we will bury it, do not cry." And they treated him together, and beat him, Lord forgive me! She told me: "What are you doing! He dresses very warmly! Hat with earflaps, sheepskin coat and underpants." Both laughter and sin! And indeed, in a bitter frost, from a drunkenness, he came home, fell at the door of the apartment in the entrance, without strength to pull out the key.

    Our "autopilot" is a survival system formed by nature, honed and polished by life!

  • This means that he does not remember how he went home and got there all the same.

    So they say about those who pulled themselves up to green snot and then headed towards their house.

    Being drunk, he feels that he is going home, but does not understand anything.

  • The man knows the way home.

    And he remembers her, no matter where he is in space.

    The subconscious mind is not completely turned off in a state of strong drinking, and the desire to reach home leads from point to point, from stop to store, from store to hairdresser, from there to the turn, there along the wall to the left into the yard and houses.

    I speak from my own experience, in whatever state I was, I always got home, from anywhere in the city, instinctively and subconsciously, by signs and landmarks, knowing my own city like the back of my hand.

  • On autopilot, people usually walk in a state of alcoholic intoxication. A person automatically performs an action that he has done many times before. That is, he goes home without hesitation and along the proven path. As for the question of how to turn on the autopilot: just try to get drunk and go home!

  • Autopilot - vedt.

    So a heavily drunk person, losing touch with the outside world, while moving in the right direction, like a bird, without a compass and GPS-navigator, flies to his native land. This is a question of the work of a subconscious, poorly controlled mechanism, a person trampled the path in the subconscious and it brought him home.

  • This is usually said from a deep hangover by those who do not remember how they got home. They believe that the body acted as if automatically, forcing the unconscious body to move and go home. However, this is a deceptive impression, because the person simply "fell asleep" the events, and they were completely erased from his memory. If he got there on his own, it means that he had some consciousness.

  • "Autopilot" is switched on most often in a state of alcohol intoxication, in other words, "autopilot" is a way of delivering a drunk person with his feet to his own doorstep. Also, "autopilot" ("automatic") can be called any performance of mechanical work in a state of deep thoughtfulness: this can include going to work / home, cooking ...

  • And that is what it means!

    In my time, this meant to get rid of myself to the point of complete insanity and somehow miraculously get home. The next morning it was completely impossible to remember how it happened.

    Sometimes there was a variety. I woke up in the morning, rubbed my eyes somehow, looked around. Bah! and around the wall of his native hut. Nearby there is still a whole bunch of beds, and on them the same "poor fellows" are sleeping.

    I know this from the fact that I myself have sometimes been so caught. There was a period in my destiny. Even tradition. Someone went to the bathhouse before the New Year, and after the New Year's corporate party I invariably woke up in the sobering-up center. Everyone was taken home by car, and I lived nearby. But to the house I had to walk along the central street of the city, where the police patrol always roamed. And so I got there.

    The sobering-up cops are quite used to me. They did not offend me, they even congratulated me on the New Year and let me go early.

    True, the cart was still sent to work ...

  • Autopilot in relation to a drunk or very upset person means that the person performs some action on an unconscious level when the brain is either passed out or is busy with other thoughts.

    Autopilot is a habit. A person goes home without thinking about it. His legs carry themselves, along the usual path, in the usual direction.

  • The expression came:

    • on autopilot,

    That is, from memory. The person himself does not remember, but the person's legs were brought automatically. I drank too much or a little, on an empty stomach, and not necessarily home, but to my beloved (if before that they were in a quarrel).

    When people in a state of drinking come home, and then they do not remember how it happened, they also say this:

    • came on eyebrows
    • drunk

    Personally, I think that the autopilot state does not need to be turned on; you just need to drink in moderation and preferably have a snack.

    And even if you are drunk, the autopilot will not ask you, it will turn on itself and will lead you on the course.

    What do you mean going home on autopilot?

  • When you walk the same road for a long enough time, then without realizing it, you move in a given direction, even being insane. This can be compared with your other skills, when you learned to write, then you already do it automatically.

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