Flowers for no reason - is it always nice?

Flowers for no reason - is it always nice?

  • Personally, it was pleasant to me, because they were presented to me for no reason at all. My boss, going through the accounting department, for some reason stopped and handed the bouquet to me. Maybe he can't throw it away (I don't know), or maybe give it to someone else. What took it into his head, I did not ask, I was just pleased.

  • In general, I am not particularly happy with this. I don't like cut flowers, they wither quickly, but are expensive. Therefore, I will be much more delighted, for example, with sweets or cakes. In addition, I myself grow many plants, among which there are my favorite flowers, and I like more to watch their flowering in the garden - long, lush. This is much nicer than slowly dying flowers in a vase.

  • Of course it's nice! It's even very nice! My husband has probably not given me flowers for a year, but for no reason and never at all. It's my fault for not receiving flowers as a gift. When before the holidays at home I was very tight with money at home, I told my husband not to buy flowers, do not waste money. And now money seems to be relatively there, but there are still no flowers. And I love them so much!

  • It is very pleasant, especially from a loved one, this is an occasion to once again confess love to each other. And this proves that a person is not indifferent to you, and he thinks about you.

  • Very nice! But it prompts the thought - "What have I done, that I am forced to give flowers? What sins does he atone for?"

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