If a girl hasn't taken birth control pills for 3 days, is there a risk?

If a girl hasn't taken birth control pills for 3 days, is there a risk?

  • Even if she missed one day of taking OC (oral contraceptive), the likelihood of pregnancy increases significantly. Considering that the pills are taken for 21 days, and she did not take them for three days, then the likelihood of pregnancy is very high. In any case, if more than 1 tablet is missed, additional use of barrier contraception for the next 7 days is strongly recommended. At the antenatal clinic for clarification. What day, what and how - only the doctor will be able to suggest further actions. Because you do not know in which of the periods the pills were missed, and whether there were any misses before. I advise you not to delay your visit to the doctor, after all, these are hormonal drugs and you need to take them only after consulting a specialist, in this case, a gynecologist. And it is advisable not to take it for a long time, since there are frequent cases of neoplasms. Although low-dose hormones, they are still hormones.

  • There is a very high risk of pregnancy. The fact is that modern contraceptive pills are fairly low-dose drugs, and they must be taken regularly, and even at certain times of the day.

  • There is always a risk. Even if I took the pills.

  • Yes!

    It is important not to skip taking pills. Do a test and if all goes well, continue taking the pills as before. But for a couple of weeks you need to protect yourself in some other way.

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