How to find your car in the forest if you get lost?

How to find your car in the forest if you get lost?

  • The only adequate option - before leaving the car, you need to take a GPS with you and turn on the route marking option, you can circle around the forest as much as you like, you will always find where the car is.

  • This story happened to my parents when there were no mobile phones and everything else. We drove into the forest and left the car on the forest path, went to pick mushrooms with them was our dog, a very smart German shepherd. After a while, they began to return and go out to the forest path, and there were no similar paths. In general, they do not know where to go. And the most unpleasant feelings overwhelm. And the dog obediently follows their wanderings with an interrogative muzzle. Finally they figured it out and told him "To the car." The dog was delighted and rushed through the bushes and windbreaks, and immediately led him directly to the car. After that, the notion came that you can always rely on our smaller brothers in the forest.

  • You can navigate by the noise from the road, if it catches an Internet signal, then you can determine the location of the car through the phone's maps. Alternatively, by means of an alarm key fob, which, for some manufacturers, catches within a radius of two kilometers.

  • There is a very good smartphone program called I'm going home. By installing it on your phone, you will never have problems with car search... Simply, upon arriving in the forest and getting out of the car, you just need to press one button on the screen and the program will remember your location. Now you can safely pick mushrooms and not think about you will find your car, or not.

  • When I was lost, I always left the forest, having prayed, with a request to show me the way out. The thought came in which direction to go.

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