How to learn to be equal to those who are better than me (see)?

How to learn to be equal to those who are better than me (see)?

  • Trying hard to match up with those who are better is not at all necessary. Read good books, hang out with decent people, stay away from those who tell you that you are worthless. There are no secrets. Make friends with those who seem to you better than you, you will equal yourself effortlessly and even unconsciously.

  • Angella, I think you've already mapped out a plan! I am sure of this! My advice to you, which, in principle, has already been named by one: follow YOURSELF IN TIME. That is: I used to study at "3", now at "4". Or: before I could not do 5 squats - now I master 20. Before I did not earn a dollar - now 5 bucks a day, yesterday I "scraped" 5, today - 10 $. Clear? They give you advice: on the one hand, everyone is right, on the other, you have to live your life, and not like someone else's. To each his own! And the fact that you have lost so many years ... everyone makes mistakes, no one is immune from this! =) I love and respect you! Believe me! And I'm sure you won't kill yourself! But why did Lenochkin talk about how many years were spent? And you unsubscribe again. You don't have to report to anyone! And you have achievements, albeit tiny, but it's better than nothing. There are opinions, there are desires and goals. Only it is necessary to achieve. And to achieve, you need not only desire and action, but also self-confidence. You have no confidence.

  • Angela, but the previous respondent is absolutely right: WHY?

    Why should you be equal and for what? This is a kind of Procrustean bed. What does the best mean? The points.

    Best for what? Not who, but exactly what.

    And tools, i.e. what tools a person has with which he achieved his best.

    I am older than you, from your point of view, more years - is it better than you?

    An apartment, a car, a dacha - that's all I have. Am I better than you? But, all this I received at the age of 17 together with my 12 year old sister - give birth perished. Am I better than you?

    I have a good, highly paid, favorite job and I have achieved it myself - Am I better than you? But for this work I paid with the life of my child - The question is the same: Am I better than you?

    Angela, try to realize: everyone, including you, is given everything, but to a different degree. Our physiology took care of this. Someone is an athlete, someone is a scientist ... etc. And when a person is busy with something other than his own business, it turns out ... bitter humor, on which Bushisms and Klitschkoisms grow.

    All you need is to find yours.

  • I believe that there is no need to look up to anyone. It is much more effective to try to surpass yourself in something. Well, like: then it was unattainable for me, but now it is easy. So I made my personal breakthrough. To avoid the feeling of marking time, set achievable goals and set the time frame for achieving them. Then more goals, etc. Firstly, it increases self-esteem, and secondly, it motivates to new achievements.

  • What for? Why look up to anyone at all? Each person is a separate person. Which grows and develops in its own way. Everyone has their own abilities and everyone can succeed in something. As soon as you stop looking up to someone and start accepting yourself as a person, the way you are. Your inner self. Then at once there will be less depression and more good moods. Why look up to the good ones, maybe your vocation is to be bad))) And you can succeed in everything bad and the good ones will look up to you and want to be bad)) You need not only not in language and more in deed, but also to think less, to live more in movement. Life is movement.

  • I personally do not look up to those who are better than me (I know many people who are clearly better than me), although they have achieved more, even though I admire them. I believe that this is not the reason that I strive to be as successful. The main thing for me (in my opinion and for everyone) is to live my life, and not like someone else's. The fact that someone has learned and become a boss (good) is good, even if everything goes well with him. But why should I also learn and strive to become a boss. No, I will not do this, I would rather try to do well what I can do, what I like (and not someone else).

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