How to learn to shoot with two hands and what is this skill called?

How to learn to shoot with two hands and what is this skill called?

  • First you need to do physical training, and pump up your arms well. When shooting from a pistol, the recoil is quite strong, and therefore they first learn to shoot with one hand with the support of the other. Although, in my opinion, shooting with both hands has more a psychological aspect on the enemy than a striking factor. Yes, and two clips allow you to conduct a more saturated fire load on the enemy. The fact is that the number of shots is well calculated, and the moment of reloading the clip is very problematic. Two pistols allow you to keep the enemy in cover more, and if these two pistols are also Stechkin, then the enemy has very little chance. But there are very few such real specialists, more window dressing ...

  • Shooting in Macedonian style. It is beautiful only in action films, a really useless activity, and nowhere is this useless method taught. From a pistol, one aimed shot is more reliable, when firing from the hip or without aiming the probability of hitting the target is zero if you shoot more than five meters. Shot from PM, TT, Nagant and APS. Experience of about thirty years. Nagant and TT are better. APS is heavy, but it is easier to hit from it, automatic shooting without a stock is useless. Therefore, it is better to learn how to shoot well with one hand and one pistol. Of course, shooting from two pistols morally suppresses the enemy, but even in such conditions he will kill any "Macedonian" with one shot.

  • I don’t know how to learn, but it’s called “Macedonian Shooting”.

    V. Bogomolov writes about shooting in Macedonian in his book "The Moment of Truth" (In August 44).

    The book describes the search and capture of mature agents of the enemy by the counterintelligence "SMERSH".

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