How to apply for a non-working subsidy?

How to apply for a non-working subsidy?

  • If you are in Ukraine, then now with these questions entirely. And if a person does not work, then he is not entitled to subsidies. The work must be formalized, only then you can collect documents and go for a consultation.

  • Few people know, but if someone from the family does not work, then you can apply for a subsidy. They have one item as "help from relatives", to which the employees are not very willing to go. The bottom line is this: you write a statement where you indicate that you have income in the form of help from your parents. And put the amount of income. When the last time we reissued subsidies, we were forced to write the figure of 5000 rubles. And before that, we simply indicated that we have an additional income of 3000 (without parental assistance).

  • Well, first of all, you need to figure out why a person is not working.

    How to apply for a non-working subsidy?

    The lack of formal employment must be documented.

    If a person has retired and does not work, he is entitled to a subsidy for utilities, if it exceeds 22 percent of family income.

    How to apply for a non-working subsidy?

    This also applies to women who are on maternity leave to care for a child.

  • A non-working citizen needs to get a certificate from the employment department of his district. It is advisable to register as unemployed. Naturally, you need a certificate of family composition, an extract from your personal account in the housing department, income certificates of all family members, benefits, even alimony is considered as income (for single or divorced mothers). Also require copies and original documents: passports and birth certificates.

    You need a workbook even empty in any case. Although it may be so.

    If the father is not written anywhere, then the child support certificate should not be required.

    If the child is not 3 years old, then you do not need to get registered for unemployment.

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