How to put flowers in a wide-necked vase to look beautiful?

How to put flowers in a wide-necked vase to look beautiful?

  • If the vase is short and the flowers are long, then it will not look beautiful, and it is not stable either.

    There are all sorts hydroponics, these are sponges so hard, where the stem of the flower can be stuck, so that it does not fall over, but "sits" in the bouquet as we need, but usually they are dark-green in color. But you have a transparent vase in the photo, this method will not work for it.

    The simplest thing is, if you have ever taken apart the donated bouquets, you may have seen that sellers form a bouquet with these hydroponics, only small ones, the letter X. place this mica tape. I don't know if I explained clearly.

    Personally, I do not like any kind of fastening, I love it when the flowers are placed in the vase naturally and the vase should match, but of course. it's a matter of taste)

  • Let's start by recalling the "basics", so to speak. A vase is matched to flowers, not flowers to a vase). Therefore, if you have a beautiful, luxurious bouquet of wildflowers, then a vase with a large neck is a must for them. It is in such a vase that flowers will feel at ease, and the appearance of the bouquet will be at its best.

    You do not have to think about how to place flowers beautifully - an armful of flowers will fit into such a vase just perfect.


    If you don't have another vase at hand, and there are very few flowers, then in addition you can add greens to the bouquet. That is, you can pick large green leaves, which will optimally add volume to the bouquet. But if nothing like this is at hand, then we do this:

    How to put flowers in a wide-necked vase to look beautiful?


    The second option is to use scotch tape. The tape will fit perfectly on a wide neck. With the help of scotch tape, you can make a "lattice" in which it is very easy to put any flowers, including those on a long stem. You can arrange the flowers to your liking - you are not a florist).

    Therefore, for example, large flowers can be placed in the center, and medium and small flowers along the edges.


    I tried to put non-standard flowers in such a vase like this (third option):

    • poured water into a vase. Left about four centimeters from the edge;
    • wiped off the neck, removing the drops of water.
    • took the flowers and gathered them in her left hand so that the stems created a wave-spiral. She wrapped the bouquet in two layers with a strip of tape, shortened the stems a little. It is best to do this almost at the buds, closer to the center, and not along the bottom. Of course, we do not tighten the flowers with tape, but "scatter" them as we need them, and that is how we fasten them with tape. We put a bouquet in a vase, it will "crumble" beautifully, completely occupying the free space.

  • Well, if it is a pity to cut the bouquet, and the flowers are really not suitable for a long vase with a wide neck, then you just have to buy another vase so that you have your own vase for different types of bouquets. Well, this is the most reasonable option. We will begin to stick a small blanket into a large duvet cover. The person either sutures or buys another. Everything has its own correspondence. Pruning advice is appropriate and competent. But if you are against, then there remains - another vase. You can also just add decorative tinsel, additional leaf twigs - solely for the visual volume. But won't a long bouquet overturn a vase? And will he still strive to bend over on his side?

  • There is a way to put flowers with long cuttings in a small high-necked vase. People involved in the professional design of flower bouquets have developed many different ways for a long time.

    One of them is to make a net of glued strips of transparent thin tape on the wide neck of the vase. Flowers are inserted between the strips of adhesive tape and they simply cannot fall, fall apart, because they are, as it were, in a lattice. And they themselves disguise the scotch tape so that it is completely invisible, but, I remind you, it is transparent.

    But the effect is excellent, the bouquet looks beautiful.

    Here's a video to prove it. The truth is not in Russian, but everything is clear.

  • Florists at celebrations very often decorate tables with flowers. There are many vases and flowers, respectively, you also need a lot. So, in order to use fewer flowers for each vase and at the same time create the effect that there is a lush bouquet in each vase, the florist makes a net of strips of transparent tape on each neck of the vase and puts flowers in each of the cells. At the same time, they do not fall and the bouquet takes on a round (classical) shape, and vases, even with the widest necks, look absolutely filled with flowers.

    With this method, flowers for decoration are required almost two times less than if you had to fill each vase with flowers, without using an adhesive tape net.

    Economy and beauty in one "bottle".)

    How to put flowers in a wide-necked vase to look beautiful?

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