How to shave properly?

How to shave properly?

  • Now various imported shaving machines are being sold, they practically do not cause skin irritation and shave off the vegetation on the face much faster than with an old razor. First, you need to get a hot (not quite hot) face water, so that the hair softens and it's possible to shave them off more conveniently and better. Further, in circular motions (not fast) we drive a machine and quietly shave off all the remains, in fact, there is nothing complicated. In the end, instead of the cream after shaving, you can use cold water, cold water very well soothes the skin after shaving.

  • It is necessary to shave correctly this way - on moist skin (best of all after taking a shower or bath) we apply shaving gel or shaving foam, carefully spread it over the places that we will shave. Then, calmly, slowly, shave, with even movements, without pressing hard on the machine. Shave should be light, if not, your blades are dull. After shaving, wash off your face and apply some aftershave cream - it will prevent the skin from irritation.

  • Shaving is best after taking a shower, at this time the skin on the face is wet, you need to apply hemp on your hands and smear it on your face, shaving I advise you with a regular shaving machine, but not electronic, it removes the beard badly!

  • First you need to steam the skin, so that it is soft and the hair on it, too, softened. Then apply a razor for shaving and with cautious and smooth movements start shaving, but shave hair over the growth of hair. After shaving brush the skin with lotion.

  • Cleanliness of shaving determines the severity of a dangerous razor, the ability to use it or a quality razor.

    The skin must first be steamed. You can lie down in a hot bath at home, use a towel dipped in hot water in a hairdresser's, apply it for a while to the person in the places you need to shave. Then dilute soap foam or use a shaving cream and apply to the face.

    After this, the actual process of shaving begins. I first shave the hair in the direction of their growth, and in the end already against the growth of the hair, so it turns out purer, the hair is shaved under the root.

    I finish the process by treating the face with a shave cream.

  • Very good question, respect to the author! I remember not much time has passed since the moment in my life when I began to shave my mustache and the so-called beard and I started to do it without any fear, unlike some of my peers - who were afraid of cutting themselves, some unpleasant sensation of skin irritation, in general, different reasons for not shaving or not starting to do it for a long time - since it is scientifically proven that after the first shave, the hair on the face and neck is activated and begins to grow at an accelerated rate for the rest of life.

    My first shave took place at the age of fourteen, since I could not tolerate the 0,5 centimeters under my nose, and the cannon did not really like it, and on the beard and neck they raised the hairs in some places and did not look very attractive.

    Technology does not stand still and now the stores are full of shaving machines - for every taste and wallet, but I prefer the company's products Gillette, and gel and looms and aftershave - all these products of this company are to my taste 🙂 and the price is quite reasonable.

    So, with the machine tools of this manufacturer it is very difficult to get hurt, the most important thing is to remember, this is what Shave in the direction of hair growth, not against and this is the most important rule of shaving. Also, do not forget that before starting to shave, you must definitely use a moisturizer (gel, shaving foam, balm, regular soap at last), since shaving on dry skin will cause very unpleasant sensations and subsequently the skin will be irritated. AT this article You will find many useful tips on how to shave properly.

    Well, on my own behalf, I want to add that it is best to shave your face and neck after taking a bath or shower - so that the skin is steamed and the pores are open, so shaving will pass without unpleasant sensations for you and your face - do not forget about shaving gel or foam. Here You can find out a lot of information about shaving in general.

    By the way, some people use ordinary hair clippers to shave off the stubble - such a shave will certainly not remove the hair completely, but there will be no beard either. Many of my friends and acquaintances do this, as they say they save time on this lesson, but we know what is the reason 🙂


  • On damp, steamed skin, it is worth applying foam or shaving gel - whoever likes what is more. Next, it is worth wetting the machine and shaving against the growth of the bristles with light pressure, but so as not to injure the skin until the whole face becomes smooth, well-shaven.

  • It has always been interesting to read women who are smartly told about how to shave properly. From personal experience I will say that for quality shaving the main thing is to change machines often and not forget to use creams and lotions after shaving, so that later there is no irritation.

  • If you believe Oscar Kucera, he can tell you about the art of shaving. A short video shows how to properly shave with a machine. Watch and learn - starting from about the 3rd minute you will be shown five stages of correct shaving!

  • To shave, I usually try to soak the hair on my face, constantly wet it for 5 - 10 minutes, then the machine will not scratch the skin, especially if it is dull.

    Well and further I put or render a foam, gel for shaving or simply I soap, I shave, I wash off all water and I put a cream after shaving.

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