How is the name Arkady spelled correctly in English?

How is the name Arkady spelled correctly in English?

  • The male name Arkady (this name comes from Greek roots, the Monk Arkady of Cyprus, as well as the Monk Arkady of Palestine) can be written in English: Arkady and Arkadiy... If we talk about the diminutive form of the name Arkady, then it will sound like Arkasha. That in English this name is spelled correctly Arkasha.

    You can write in documents as ArkadyAnd Arkadiy... These options will be both correct, the main thing is to observe the unity in all your documents, so that there are no two options, as this can lead to problems.

  • In English, the name Arkady is spelled as Arkady

    in Bulgarian Arkadi and Arkady

    in Hungarian Arkd

    in Greek

    in Spanish Arcadio

    in Italian Arcadio

    in Latin Arcadius

    in German Arkadius

    in Polish Arkadiusz and Arkady

    in Portuguese Arcdio

    in Romanian Arcadie

    in Ukrainian Arkady

    in Czech Arkd

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