How do you know that he is dead? Does a person know when dying that he is dead?

How do you know that he is dead? Does a person know when dying that he is dead?

  • You know, I have a phrase in my memory that I often repeat: "If you woke up and nothing hurts, then you are dead!"

    How many people have seen dying, not all people understand that they are dying. Old people say: "That's enough, it's time to die, lived a lot and good / bad." Death does not ask anyone.

    And as for the ascertaining of death, that is, there are certain rules according to which the death of the brain, biological death. There are visible precursors on the human body, symptoms that show that death takes on traits and symptoms that cannot be influenced. One of which is a violation of microcirculation on the skin of the trunk (not cadaveric spots, but earlier manifestations) and a dilated pupil, although the person may still be conscious. This is a matter of a few minutes.

  • What are you all bothering about ?! Wait and see!

  • It seems to me that this is when I fell asleep, but without dreams and forever. The brain dies and we feel nothing

  • To find out, one must be conscious of what a person is already deprived of when he is dead.

    Consciousness is a life process that does not exist at death. Therefore, the deceased person no longer learns anything, does not recognize anything, and accordingly is no longer capable of analyzing what is happening in view of the "shutdown" of the organ that analyzes what is happening to the person.

  • Gonzalo,

    you can read the old book by Raymond Moody "Life After Death", it contains dozens of testimonies of those who survived clinical death and, then returning to life, told about their experiences.

    Not everyone immediately catches up with where they are and what happened to them.

    Many feel so great there that they have not the slightest desire to return here.

    Therefore, people are completely in vain to be afraid of dying - this is some kind of mass stupidity.

    Living here is much more difficult.

    In great detail, in a huge number of details, that world is described in books:

    How do you know that he is dead? Does a person know when dying that he is dead?

    The dead need about a year to get used to their new place of residence, like,

    however, here too.

  • I think that I won't have to find out about this and I really hope so. When you are lying unconscious, you do not know that you are unconscious, but at the same time you are still alive and what you think is still alive and works, only with some failure, when the body dies, the smart one dies, so there is nothing to learn that you have already died. The only option is to know in advance - an incurable, serious illness, in principle you already know that you have died, but a little later

  • I don’t know if this is really so. But they say that a person feels his impending death. Of course, we will never know. Only if we look from ourselves from a high. Maybe then we will understand that it really is.

  • It seems to me that this is probably like falling asleep, but without dreams, just once and that's it, there are no feelings and emotions.

    Although they say that before the very end, people feel the approach of the "bony" one, probably, something suggests.

  • Where did this question come from in my head? I'll try to answer. And so. It just sometimes seems to me, what if I'm already dead, and this is some new form of life that follows the previous one? It's just that everything that happened before this life is thoroughly different. I think the one who thinks about it knows. This is my opinion.

  • Ask the one who died. I think he will tell you a lot.

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