How does a child disliked as a child behave in adulthood?

How does a child disliked as a child behave in adulthood?

  • You live with this pain all your life and you cannot forget the past. I’m 43 years old, but I don’t want to live for a long time. Neither in childhood nor now does anyone need me. How to live like this is better not to be born at all.

    Women, girls, before giving birth, think 100 if you are ready for motherhood and if you really need a baby !!!

  • To some extent, each person can calmly say that he was not loved in childhood. After all, one was handed over to an orphanage, the other - they did not hold much in their arms, the third was not pumped in the cradle, the fourth was forbidden to be friends with the neighbor's child, the fifth was not bought the coveted purple bear, the sixth was given a belt, the seventh was left unprotected from the stupid teacher, etc., pr. Children's memory is such an insidious thing that literally erects monuments to its grievances, engraving on each of them "They did not love" ... And then these same monuments make us stumble over them ourselves, returning us to episodes of dislike, and forcing us for the hundred thousandth time to feel a kind of deep sorrow and resentment and deafening loneliness. Something like this.

  • There are so many such people, almost all of them are so lacking in self-confidence, because of this they rarely become successful people. If this happens, it is only due to the fact that a person appeared in their life who believed in him.

  • In adulthood, such disliked parents, as a rule, are not confident in themselves, they have many complexes, they are painfully looking for some kind of unearthly love, they hardly communicate with people, especially with persons of the opposite sex.

  • I agree with Tatira, plus her, I’ll add that some, especially children abandoned by their parents, as adults, all their life prove that they were worthy of their love and achieve noticeable results in their work, for example, Galina Vishnevskaya, who was once abandoned by her mother, talked about it — that she had been proving it all her life, but she was lucky — her husband-person of a rare soul was nearby

  • I am a disliked child. I was first diagnosed with cerebral palsy, then it turned out that the obstetrician let me in during childbirth and from this blow, all the discs jumped off, I could not hold my head, did not sit, etc., and one pinched a nerve in my leg and I did not feel one leg. My dad is greedy for alcohol and women, and my mother has been running after him all her life, but she has been treating me and him, and there is zero attention to me, as to a child. Then my dad had a baby on the side and he began to say that I was not his own, since I was so mad with fat while his own daughter was starving. They diverged and converged 10 times, and I was alone with my problems. I underwent an operation, after which I lay for 40 days on a stretching of 140 cm - a twine, but she did not go with me, but hired a nurse - my husband was not sick. But now she teaches me how to live and says how nasty I am. We can send each other obscenely - I will not lie.

    I am 20 years old, I already walk with a stick, do fitness, study at a university and live in a civil marriage, work as a copywriter - I achieved everything myself and got used to the fact that my parents do not care about me.

    Does it interfere with life? I don't know. I am a sincere fighter for the truth, I do not like two-faced people and I speak everything to everyone in the face, I hate gossip and can be rude. I left my husband because I found him having virtual sex with a woman who is 41 years old. Yes, this is not exactly treason, but since childhood I have already seen a womanizer. Yes, I love my husband very much, but I don’t want the mothers of my husband’s mistresses to come to me like to my mother when I was little. And yes - this experience is valuable, but it interferes with making certain mistakes in life, or rather actions that can become mistakes. I love my husband very much, but I know that the more you forgive, the less it is appreciated - I am afraid that he will want to try reality after virtual - it really bothers me.

    How does a child disliked as a child behave in adulthood?

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