What is the minimum amount that can be withdrawn from the Savings Bank card?

What is the minimum amount that can be withdrawn from the Savings Bank card?

  • In our city, at any ATM, I took at least 100 rubles.

    I mean Sberbank ATMs. Apparently, we all have the same setup.

    In other cities, it was not necessary to withdraw money from ATMs.

  • Do not forget that the money stored on the card is our (!!!) money. And you can withdraw it just as much as possible based on the balance. The question is, remove where? At the ATM it’s possible depending on the loaded bills. But if I need 40 rubles, and the smallest boot note is 50 rubles, then I go to the bank and get the necessary amount from the operator. There are no problems, you can even leave 0 on the card!

  • At the moment, the minimum amount to be withdrawn from an ATM is 50 Russian rubles. Sberbank does not count 10 rubles for money, although there are still a lot of pieces of paper on hand. A little more time and 50 rubles will not be in use. With such an increase in inflation and the depreciation of the country's money supply, a similar situation is just around the corner.

    There are ATMs in which they no longer issue 50 rubles, usually the most modern.

  • Previously, it was possible at least 10 rubles, now 50, depends on the settings of the ATM (availability of face value)

  • The other day I decided to go to the bank and withdraw a certain amount. The line was awful, I didn't wait. I decided to go home for the card and withdraw the amount near the house. Now I know for sure that everything depends on the ATM settings (I'm talking about Sberbank ATMs). That is, in one ATM the minimum bill is 50 rubles, and in the other only 100. Of course, you need to know the intricacies so that there are no problems with withdrawing money.

    I completely agree with those who advise the operator in controversial situations. It’s convenient, you can withdraw any amount. But if you have lines in which you have to stand for three hours, it is better to shoot through an ATM.

  • Depends on the ATM. An amount of 50 rubles can be set in one ATM, and 100 rubles in another. I personally recently withdrawn money from an ATM and it said: Enter the amount in multiples of 100 rubles. Therefore, we can conclude that the ATM does not issue 50-ruble bills.

  • In different ATMs, the minimum amount is set differently, it depends on the settings in each ATM, I have seen ATMs with a minimum amount of 100 rubles, that is, the amount needed to be entered as a multiple of 100 rubles, the network has information that the minimum can be 50 rubles .

  • It depends on the ATMs, their settings. For example, at one ATM I was not able to withdraw 400 rubles, I gave out that the amount is too small. But in another ATM across the road, I calmly removed them. In our city, you can’t withdraw less than 100 rubles from any ATM.

  • As a former employee of Sberbank, I can professionally answer your question. The minimum amount that can be withdrawn through an ATM must be a multiple of 100 rubles (100,200,300,400,500), since this is the minimum nominal that is put into the ATM (there are no denominations of 10 rubles and 50 rubles at the ATM). If you withdraw funds through a banking operator, then you can request any amount (up to cents). There used to be ATMs in which you could withdraw 10 and 50 rubles, since the day they depreciate (due to inflation), the minimum amount was raised to 100 rubles.

  • Well, you know, dear Tju, it all depends on the ATM, there are ATMs with a minimum amount of ten rubles, there are fifty rubles, and there are one hundred rubles, I personally took fifty rubles, they didn’t take the commission)

  • They write correctly - it all depends primarily on the ATM and its settings

    In one 100 rubles can be withdrawn, but in the other it is impossible

    Therefore, in order not to waste precious time - check this information

    And it is better to ask friends and acquaintances in advance - suddenly, who knows what you need

    PS: I heard that somewhere and 50 rubles can be removed. True or not - you need to go and find out

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