When do you need to replant strawberry varieties of Victoria?

When do you need to replant strawberry varieties of Victoria?

  • Victoria begins to transplant, starting in July and until mid-September. It is best to do this before the end of August, then the bushes will have time to take root and grow stronger. This will help the bushes survive the winter.

    It is preferable to plant in the evening, it is better in cloudy weather. If the sun burns, then Victoria's bushes must be shaded. For planting, only the first two bushes from the antennae are taken. a hole is dug with a diameter of about 20 centimeters, peat or other fertile land is added there, then water is poured. you need to wait until the water is absorbed and then plant, straightening the roots and not deepening the core (the core should be on the surface), then Victoria needs to be poured from the calculation of about 1 liters of water on the 1 bush.

    Victoria can be transplanted in the spring. In spring, it is preferable to transplant in areas with cold winters.

  • Strawberries are best transplanted in the month of August. But it is possible in the spring. Strawberries need very good care, you need to constantly weed them and water them a lot. Once a few years it is recommended to transplant strawberries.

  • When do I need to transplant Victoria variety strawberries?

    Every 4-5 years you need to transplant this strawberry variety.

    Transplant bushes in early autumn or early spring

    Strawberries mustaches must be removed periodically so that they do not interfere with the ripening of the fruits and the growth of the strawberries themselves, otherwise all the strength will go to the mustaches in the strawberries.

  • Victoria is transplanted in August-September. Usually during fruiting, the most productive bushes are noticed, then they mustache from them and transplanted. We usually form a bush of three young outlets. We dig an old plantation

  • It is recommended to replant strawberries of any variety, including the "Victoria" variety, every 4 - 5 years. Strawberry bushes without an ovary just need to be pulled out and thrown away. Antennae that have grown from transplanted strawberry bushes must be removed periodically so that they do not interfere with the growth of berries.

    When do you need to replant strawberry varieties of Victoria?

  • Transplanting Victoria Strawberries it is necessary that she please us with her large, tasty and fragrant berries.

    For transplantation, young plant sockets are used. They must be taken from plants that are no more than 3 years old.

    It is best to transplant Victoria strawberries in spring, before flowering, or in early autumn (September-early October).

  • Strawberries need to be replanted so that productivity does not decrease. It is best to transplant at the end of summer (that is, in August), when the entire strawberry crop has already been harvested. Before winter, strawberries will have time to take root, and next year there will already be an excellent harvest. Although many gardeners transplant strawberries in mid-spring and also get a good harvest. But it’s better not to put things off in the spring. Suddenly the snow until the end of spring will come down.

    When do you need to replant strawberry varieties of Victoria?

  • As soon as the bushes have borne fruit, just now, and all August is possible. She left the best mustache, which has already sprouted. I made a bed nearby, fertilized and pulled on a special black non-woven material. I made cuts in it and plant a rooted mustache as it "arrives". Now I have 3 long strawberry beds like this. Such harvests were not born just on the ground. The shelter does not allow weeds to germinate, allows water to pass through and retains heat. And the price is inexpensive. Roll 10 x 1,5 m. The neighbors, seeing my bushes, also bought. In mid-August, I will cut off the "tops" of all rooted bushes.

    When do you need to replant strawberry varieties of Victoria?

  • I planted it myself, usually in the spring, because in the fall there was so much trouble that there was no time left for transplanting strawberries .. usually immediately after harvesting strawberries, I cut off unnecessary antennae and leaves. And after that, you can immediately perform another rather very useful procedure - treat the strawberries with a two percent solution of Bordeaux liquid.

    When do you need to replant strawberry varieties of Victoria?

    That will save strawberries from parasites and insects that have already chosen your bushes.

    After all the procedures you can do feeding, just remember you can feed the young yearling strawberry bushes. And it is better to do this in the dry period at the end of August and until mid-September.

    Also remember to grow strawberries in one place for more than four to five years is considered unprofitable.

    Good precursors for growing strawberries are legumes, garlic, dill, parsley, which can be grown in one place for two years.

    And you should not plant strawberries on those plots of land, for example, after potatoes, cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, as these crops are affected by verticillium wilt (wilt). It is a fungus pathogen, the disease persists in the soil for ten years.

  • Strawberries can be transplanted both in spring and in August, many do their own way, and get harvests. But you also need to squeeze for strawberries, we treat ours with "Nikosim". It is also necessary to transplant the strawberries to another place after a few years.

  • For a good harvest of strawberries, it needs appropriate care, and of course, from time to time, it needs to be transplanted into a desirable part of the land, and this is all done in order to give as much of its red, sweet and tasty fruits as possible. Usually transplanted in early autumn or early spring, this is an amateur.

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