Kotlyary, who are they?

Kotlyary, who are they?

  • Kotlyar is a profession. So in Ukraine they called the manufacturers of metal utensils - boilers, pots, teapots. Blacksmith (blacksmith), only with a narrow specialization. Now this word is more common as a Hebrew surname. This is due to the compilation of 2 "revision tales" under Catherine (conducting a population census). At that time, the Jews did not have a surname, and for a uniform order they were endowed with surnames, often by profession (family craft).

  • The Kotlyars, first of all, are the Roma, who were formed as an ethnic group on the territory of modern Romania at the beginning of the 19th century.

    Secondly, the cutters are specialists-masters in working with metal.

    As gypsies, Kotlyars can be found all over the world and it will always be clear that they are proud of their origins.

    Kotlyars, unlike other Roma groups, are more inclined to a sedentary lifestyle, due to the fact that they have a profession, the skills of which have been passed down from generation to generation by inheritance.

    In this regard, the kotlyars assimilated into society faster than others and today they lead a sedentary lifestyle, being representatives of various words and various professions.

    But despite this, national traits are very strong (freedom-loving, liveliness, musicality, external beauty and health), they always recognize and support each other.

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