Who gets up early, then ...?

Who gets up early, then ...?

  • God gives it to him, and who else before loses something, so that God will give to the one who first rises. This is how it turns out. So you need to sleep longer, not to be the one who rises earlier, or to wait for someone who loses.)))

  • Perhaps I will be boring and not too original, but I can say one thing:

    who rises early, he rushes to work or on the road to a train, plane. I did not notice something else.

    As for the proverb ("He who gets up early, God gives him"), I'm not entirely sure.

    Maybe God gives something, but to a few out of a million early "bird-larks" and hardly because he gets up early ...

  • . that no one else sleeps more than a date and everyone will get it. The mop rustles, buzzes and goes on a visit in the morning in 8 hours, when everything else is in pajamas.

    In the case of a child, it probably sounds like this - ... he has no date for his parents to sleep. Rides across the bed. Well, how could it be otherwise?

  • A person who does not like to get up early is ready to end the phrase like this: "Who gets up early gets tired quickly".

    On the days when you have to get up early, your eyes close by lunchtime. It is enough to sleep 20 - 40 minutes (daytime sleep, they say an hour for two) and from one day two turns out.

  • Those who get up early, God gives. This may be more relevant to rural life. Especially in the summer, if you sleep, then no berries, no mushrooms, you will not have time to dial. For the winter you will not reserve. This is because the people have long thought of, sayings and proverbs, and not in vain. Now everyone is lazy, everyone will buy.

  • Who gets up early, then ..

    he pisses everyone off

    he regrets that he went to bed late

    he lives far from work

    The more time he wants to go to sleep again,

    He has a little child.

    Tom God gives (the most famous)

    He certainly did not drink in the evening.

    I do not know anything else comes to mind :)

    Who gets up early, then ...?

  • "... then later all day I want to sleep", if you talk about yourself, then you can't imagine another option, because I am a pronounced "owl", and it's easier for me not to go to bed at all than to wake up not even dawn.

  • Those who get up early by noon have already gone mad.

    Those who get up early can not sleep for their parents.

    Who gets up early, he digs for a long time (I, for example)

    Who gets up early, that case is up to him

    Those who get up early will go to bed early

  • Those who get up early have a dog.

    Those who get up early get everyone.

    . he runs through the snowdrifts.

    . that one is online.

    . he at lunch already wants to sleep.

    . Teach me how.

    . that tray will clean.

    . they have not cut it yet.

    Who gets up early, then ...?
    Who gets up early, then ...?
    Who gets up early, then ...?
    Who gets up early, then ...?

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