Who is the most important person in Russia?

Who is the most important person in Russia?

  • The most important person in Russia is, of course, the President of Russia. At the moment, the president of Russia is a certain Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. He is clearly very popular among Russians and therefore takes this place.

  • The most important person in Russia, as well as in any other state, is the President.

    The President of Russia, at the moment, is Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.

    "More important" than him in Russia, no.

    But perhaps there is someone who can command the President, he is also a person ..), and he has children, grandchildren, a family ..

    I judge this by what kind of "ropes" my youngest son is twisting from his grandfather - my father-in-law ..))

  • This question will always be relevant, since the main person in our country can change every few years. At the moment, the most influential and main person of the Russian Federation is our President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.

  • The main person in Russia. When determining it, you probably need to take into account the following criteria:

    1.Global influence on what is happening inside the country (government, the role of the guarantor of the Constitution, participation and control in relation to large-scale economic (political) events).

    2. Representation and protection of the interests of Russia outside the state (all kinds of summits, meetings, conferences on foreign policy issues).

    3. Adoption and approval of decisions at the highest level, signing of laws and regulations.

    4. The significance of this person for the people of Russia.

    5. Rating of a person (for example, the most influential politician) in the country and in the world.

    It turns out that this is the President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin

  • Logically, Lenin. Simply because in every city there is a street named after him (often more than one), in many places there is a square named after him and in every city there is a monument to him. How else to explain such a phenomenon other than the slogan- "Lenin's ideas live and win." and "Lenin is always alive"

    Who is the most important person in Russia?

  • I believe that Putin is the most important person in Russia and not only. It has the highest popularity rating in the world. His work to contain the escalation of tension, resolve conflicts, and apply ambiguous solutions is unparalleled. His endurance, his patience is inherent in a brave, strong-willed, intelligent person. Despite the offensive accusations, insults, he lives and works for the good of the Russian people. I wish you health, luck and patience, Vladimir Vladimirovich.

  • The most important person in Russia personally, according to my logic. This is just a person (Russian), the most ordinary person, without him there would be no Russia. But judging by the deeds and teams, then of course the most important person in Russia is the President of Russia. Today it is V.V. Putin.

  • Of course, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is the most important person in Russia!

    Who is the most important person in Russia?

  • If you approach this issue from the other side. Perhaps the most important person in Russia is different for everyone. Perhaps your child, your husband, your wife, parents.

  • If we speak from the point of view of the values ​​of the 20th century, then the main person is Putin, in the 21st century I would say that the most important person in the country should be a "ORDINARY voter", and everyone else, Putin, Medvedev and others, should serve him, because with his voice, he HIRED them for a certain period of time to complete certain tasks.

  • The most important person in Russia, of course, is Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin! It is difficult to assess the contribution that our president made to the formation of Russia after Yeltsin's rule. According to opinion polls, V.V. is the most popular politician in Russia, since 1999 his rating has grown from 14% to 86%, which suggests that the number of Russians supporting V.V. very large.

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