Who are the black-shirts?

Who are the black-shirts?

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  • Black-shirts are the most real Italian fascists, and not that German brown-shirted National Socialists who for some reason hung a completely different name.

    The Black Shirts were so nicknamed by the Italians themselves for the fact that the fascists wore black shirts as a certain uniform, and a sign of acceptance of patriotic-imperial fascist ideas.

  • And they began to call them that because they walked in black shirts.

  • The Blackshirts or the Black Hundreds-Michael Archangels originated in Russia at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. They wore black robes with large Orthodox crosses under the auspices of the Orthodox Church, and were ardent adherents of the ruling regime. They organized pogroms against Turks, Jews and other "infidels".

    And in Italy, they appeared later, as in Germany, but in the latter except for the SS (actually blackshirts), there were also some brownish shirts for a while

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