Who was raked?

Who was raked?

  • It seems that this word has gangster-gypsy roots.

    Bandit because they say that the word raklo has such a meaning: gopot, petty thief, homeless.

    And gypsies because of the gypsy raklo denotes a young man of non-Roman origin. Apparently, the gypsies called young thieves homeless children who were not gypsies, but existed near them.

  • This is a word of Kharkov origin. In pre-revolutionary times, a theological seminary operated in Kharkov. The abbot of this educational institution was Father Heraclius, who was famous for his stinginess and love for posts, which made the seminarians always hungry. Already then the Annunciation market (grocery) was operating next to the monastery. And hungry seminarians constantly made sorties there to maintain their existence. Naturally, these were not purchases, but simple "samples" from all over the row, or even just theft. Therefore, such "buyers" were known and disliked, and when they saw them, the merchants notified each other "Rakly go!", That is, the seminarians of Father Irakli.

    And no one wants to know the origin of the word "trempel"? By the way, also Kharkovskoe, although in Donbass they also use it)))

  • All versions of the origin of the word "raklo" are very interesting. But all the same, we must proceed from the fact that the word has gypsy roots. The word is translated as "stranger". And now I will explain this at wm. There have always been people who have had problems with the Fa. They tried to hide from sight, and it is better to do this by getting lost in someone else's team. There have always been gypsy camps on the outskirts of the village, village, town. Small varishki found refuge there, and the Tsagane called them strangers, others, which is "raklo" in their language.

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