Who lives on the planet Mars (cm)?

Who lives on the planet Mars (cm)?

  • I looked closely, but did not see that from under the stone someone was looking. And no trace. This is for the first photo.

    As for the second - I saw this picture in the magazine "Young Technician" - I don't remember what year it was. I can say the following: many of us in childhood looked at clouds and often they looked like something (or someone). And something that resembles a human face, if desired, can be seen anywhere: starting with the same clouds in the sky and ending with the wall, floor and ceiling of the room. If you look closely, then in some place you will surely find something resembling a human face. And here - a pile of sand was blown on Mars by the wind, and at a certain position of the Sun there was a play of light and shadow.

    That's all.

  • I'm just sure it's an optical illusion. For example, when I look at the carpet for a long time, I also see interesting figures of people and animals there. Take any photo of just the earth and you will see so many interesting things there.

    In the second photo, there may also be optical illusion, or there may be fragments of an ancient civilization. In any case, until the feet of the researchers set foot there, one can only speculate.

  • In the first photo there are traces of the rover's tracks, and in the second there is a simple stone. There is no and cannot be life, because the earth is unique in its own way. And one glance at Mars is enough to understand that it is a lifeless planet.

  • The first photo shows an optical illusion, the traces are most likely from the wind.

    In the second photo, there are clear outlines of a face, most likely a statue, scientists do not deny that life on Mars could exist, perhaps these are the remnants of their civilization.

    I think they are unlikely to meet, because if the Martians were reasonable they would have found us long ago, and if there is an antediluvian form of life on Mars, then they will not be able to meet us.

  • Some scientists argue that there was and is life on the planet Mars. Nature could not create canals that closely resemble highways. Someone thinks there may have been a civilization there, but it died in an environmental disaster.

    But there are scientists who suggest that life is possible inside the planet.

    About the stone. Explorers of the planet Mars noticed a strange movement of stones, just a stone was lying here, and after a few minutes it, for some reason, turns out to be ten meters from the starting point.

    You know, Mars has a very harsh climate, and in order to survive, the organism is forced to change, adjusting to external conditions.

    Take the earth turtle, for example. If you have never seen turtles, have not read about them, do not even suspect their existence, you just pass by, mistaking the turtle for a stone. But it has evolved for millions of years to acquire a carapace. Maybe in this photo there is an attractive Martian, but for us she looks like a stone. Perhaps the Martian man looking at this photo is drooling!

    The second photo shows a human face. It was built by the Martians when there was an earthly climate. Ufologists suggest that the planet Mars is our great-great-homeland. And our ancestors flew in with no, when a disaster struck there. Naturally, there were not enough ships for everyone, most died out, the survivors hid in deep caves and changed.

  • One can only speculate (and not only from these photographs) about life on Mars. But I know exactly who does not live on Mars. On Mars, we will not meet a single living creature similar to the terrestrial (except perhaps some kind of bacteria). That is, it makes no sense to look for something similar to earthly figures, footprints, structures. There may be a completely different form of life on Mars (underground, air, crystalline or sandy). Therefore, we may not even notice it, just as we do not notice it due to the mimicry of insects on trees and lizards on stones.

    Therefore, I cannot assert that someone is looking from under the stone, perhaps this is not a stone, but something indefinite. And again we compare the traces with the earthly ones, if there are traces of activity on Mars, then why should they be similar to human ones?

  • Who is looking from under the stone? Maybe just such an effect on the photo.

    I doubt that someone lives there, because there are already a lot of pictures, someone would show up.

    Most likely, we will find out more precisely later. Indeed, in 2023 it is planned to send a manned mission to Mars. True, this will be a one-way flight, they will not return to Earth, but they will try to reliably find out "is there life on Mars" and will transmit all the data.

    Who lives on the planet Mars (cm)?

  • I think we are not the only ones asking these questions. An endless series of studies, experiments and experiments confirm that life on other planets is a great mystery for mankind. And millions of people are working to solve it.

    But, from the words of Vanga, it follows that the aliens themselves will find us. There is nothing left before that, to live for some 300 years.

    Only progress does not stand still, the person wants to speed up the meeting. And the preparation of a manned flight to Mars is confirmation of this.

  • Is there life on Mars, is there life on Mars - science is not yet known, but if you lift your head up, we will see one star, two stars, why am I? These are the satellites of Mars Phobos and Deimos, i.e. Fear and Terror on our money. Their orbital behavior, etc., speaks of possible catastrophes (mass versions) in the vicinity of Mars, as a result of which it almost completely lost its atmosphere, and with it the hydrosphere and possibly the biosphere. There are signs of a denser atmosphere, one of them is the notorious channels. The likelihood of sending humans to Mars without returning is unlikely. Automata are becoming smarter, optics are more powerful and image processing algorithms are more perfect, they can process a huge amount of information, if there is anything, they will find and recognize it. So it won't be long to wait ...

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