Who called 4959805980, whose number is it?

Who called 4959805980, whose number is it?

  • If your company is a client of Eden Springs (an official representative of Nestlé water) and they have your phone in their database, then they can get it with their calls, they offer me everything to clean the cooler for a fee, I politely refused, but this does not stop them and they continue to call. put their number on the black list, since they do not understand the words.

  • Nestlé Watercoolers Service number. As far as I understand, he deals with water coolers.

  • In fact, this phone number belongs to an honest company for the delivery of clean water and they probably wanted to offer you their services. And they are located in the city of Moscow, at the address

    Domodedovo, on the street Kashirskoe highway, building 19. And their official phone number is of this order-

    (495) 980-59-80.

    And if you have their water in your office and you are their customers, then they can call you and offer their services for cleaning coolers, if you refuse, then you can simply get calls repeatedly, and you can immediately enter them in your phone black list.

    They may be presented as a company called Nestlé.

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