Lying for the good - is that right?

Lying for good is right?

  • Lying for the good it depends on whose good it is. If a lie in the name of one’s good is in no way right. Lying for the good of others is allowed, and sometimes welcome. Examples. To lie to a sick person, to support so that he does not give up and does not give up. Sometimes a child is better to lie than to tell the truth. You can still, knowing that a girl friend you are trying to lose weight, somehow tell her, they say, What is it with your figure? You kind of lost weight, and our girl won’t leave everything halfway, but with even more zeal. Well, you understand :)

  • I honestly don’t know how to benefit from a lie?

    As they say, all the secret sooner or later becomes apparent.

    It turns out sooner or later the lie will be revealed, and the good for which they fought will disappear.

    Since the people who were deceived will be offended by you. And it turns out you just pushed the offense away. And if a person was deceived for many years, then the offense will be stronger than if a person confessed immediately after a lie.

    And what does it mean right?

    In principle, it’s not right. But if it’s right for me, who can convince me? Then I will be responsible for my actions later. If I carry it, I’ve done something wrong somewhere, and if I don’t bear the punishment, it means I did everything right.

    But Lies are very insidious. If you tell a lie, then you will go to the second round. Then you yourself get entangled in a lie, and you say, "why did I need it?"

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