Why do they say to keep the tail with a pipe?

Why do they say to keep the tail with a pipe?

  • The tail becomes a pipe in animals when they are ready to repulse an opponent, are confident in their abilities, vigorous and active. They also tell the person who wants to be attentive, self-confident, so that he is in the know.

  • Usually cats hold their tail with a pipe when they feel confident and completely safe in their territory. Perhaps people say this to each other, advising them to be confident in their abilities, "do not be afraid, everything will be fine."

  • The wish to hold the tail with a pipe means "do not be afraid, do not worry and everything will be fine." Apparently, this expression came from the behavior of animals, in which the position of the tail speaks volumes about their emotional state. A set tail indicates that the animal is scared, and the tail with a pipe is quite the opposite.

    tail pipe

    tucked tail

  • Be confident and not be afraid of anything. Animals, when they raise their tail up, which can symbolize a pipe, do not hide their natural smells, that is, they have nothing to fear. Dogs, even as a sign of good mood, even wag their tails, dispelling their smell around them, but in case of danger they tuck their tails, masking the smell.

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