Why are they poisoned by those who have an ugly appearance?

Why are they poisoned by those who have an ugly appearance?

  • Because society is accustomed to seeing, always condemning, discussing a person if he is almost beautiful in appearance. But we all know that in every person there is something beautiful of his own. And unfortunately, people with an ugly appearance have low self-esteem, and such a person is the easiest to offend and everyone uses it.

  • As far as I am convinced, they are mostly poisoned not by those who have an ugly appearance, but by those who are physically and for health reasons weaker than the rest. As they say,

    Why are they poisoned by those who have an ugly appearance?

    And try to poison powerful jocks and hulks with an ugly appearance! He will roll with his fist, which will not seem like a little! And all desire to poison such a person will completely disappear!

    As for ugly girls, there are those who are engaged in sports sections, where they teach martial arts. I know one girl who went to the judo section. While I was little, they hounded, insulted and called names. When I grew up, the situation changed. She showed the offenders a couple of primchiks - now they are bypassed by the side!

    And self-defense means are allowed to be used - up to firearms! And the gas cartridge in your pocket takes up a little space. Pshiknut - still need to see who will poison whom more!

  • They poison those who have low self-esteem and who allow it to be done. There are ugly people who put themselves in society in such a way that they even become leaders and sometimes the soul of companies. If they achieve this with their wit, intelligence, ability to dance, sing, play the guitar, tell jokes, play chess well, or play cards. A person should be something interesting for others, and then his unattractive appearance fades into the background. And with the beautiful it is so uninteresting that they prefer to communicate with ugly, but not "gray mice". So the reason is in character, intelligence and ability to present oneself. Do not give in to the "handsome" and never let yourself be offended. The beauty of the soul is no less significant than the external beauty.

  • Because it lacks intelligence and spirituality

    Because these people have low self-esteem and complexes.

    Because there are stereotypes in society and those who do not fit into them can become outcasts

    Because an outcast allows himself to be made a laughing stock and a victim and humiliated himself

    I think that's enough

    Moreover, the most amazing and funny thing is that people who are not ideal in appearance do this, but apparently it is easier for them to pay attention to the flaws in the appearance of other people than in their own.

    To scoff at others and humiliate the weak is a matter of worthless and pitiful people, with a bunch of unsolved problems and complexes. Normal mentally healthy people do not need this. They already feel fine without it. But people who are mentally and morally sick need it. it becomes easier. It is like a recharge for them.

    Reading my story

    At school I was also humiliated because of my appearance. I was fat. Fat, this is the most harmless thing that I have heard in my address. These people could not think of anything smarter than calling me fat. Apparently other worries, they then no longer have The bullying of me was systematic and very notorious. The parents did not care about this situation, the teachers, too. They sometimes teased me. But even if adults did it sometimes, what can we say about brainless youngsters. But they didn’t tease me out of - for this even, but because I could not stand up for myself normally. Then I already learned how to do it, but it was already too late. Write why? Because I initially did not put myself correctly with them and gave them the will to mock me. I was then a weak and naive fool and could not give a normal answer. That's what they got used to. But with people, you’ll let it go once, that's all. Therefore , it is necessary to pinch such things, especially in a team, right away. So that people would not think later that they can make a "punching bag" and a "simulator" out of you to work out their complexes. Another thing, of course, is that adults are usually less inclined to similar bullying than children. But all the same, there are enough idiots among them. There is always someone who will not give rest, someone else's appearance. At the same time, he himself can be a rare freak, both physically and mentally.

    It is always easier for people to pay attention to other people's shortcomings than to their own. This is the way they are arranged. Therefore, there is nothing surprising here. And there are those who cannot live peacefully if he does not have an object for gossip, ridicule and humiliation. I think that these are sick people. There is no other name for them. They are usually spiritless, have problems with mentality and a bunch of their own complexes. And most often, they also have a bad upbringing. Because normally brought up people do not allow themselves such behavior .So there are still claims to their parents, if they had or still have.

    Society suffers lack of tolerance

    It has always been like this. Intolerance gives rise to hatred, evil, wars and conflicts. Because of intolerance, people not only do not understand, but destroy each other, in the literal sense of the word. The worst thing is religious intolerance. Household is also terrible, but less ...

    In any case, you must learn to stand up for yourself. If you do not do this, you will be roughly "devoured" and will not choke. People do not like dissidents. At best, they simply do not understand.

  • Ugly appearance is a really big disadvantage for a girl especially. When I was 6 years old, I went to my friend without asking, but she was not at home (we lived in an urban-type settlement in a private house). A dog howled in the shed. I was a nimble girl and of course I was not scared, I opened it. It was a big shepherd dog. Something she didn't like and she bit my face. Further I remember vaguely. Crying grandma, mom, hospital. It was a day off or a holiday, there was no doctor, notes. He answered the call of the nurse saying that he would smear it with brilliant green and let him go home. I remember my mother screaming so much that the drunk doctor rushed in instantly, probably sobering up. He patted me as best he could. I lay in the hospital for a long time, they made 40 injections in the stomach from rabies, although the owners of the dog brought a certificate. I still have a rather large scar on my cheek and a scar on my lip to nose, enlarging it like in a cold. ... Everyone said they were lucky not to hurt their nose and eyes. But that was no easier for me. When I was little, I probably didn't understand why they were staring at me. As a teenager, I was very worried. I even sent my photo to the beauty institute (it seems that was the name) in Moscow. I was told that we did not give consultations in absentia, I had to come. But there was no money for the trip and I resigned myself. The most interesting thing is that when I met, I tried to chat incessantly in order to captivate and distract from the interlocutor's appearance. Showered with jokes, anecdotes. She sang well, read poetry. She was the ringleader and the soul of the company. She read a lot of books, was erudite, in any field she could keep up a conversation. Many people told me that at first they paid attention to my scars, but then they just forgot. True, I will not say that, like in thriller films, the scars were terrible and spoiled the appearance, but they were noticeable. I had many friends, girlfriends, gentlemen too. I got married at the age of 19, gave birth to two children. When I came to the surgeon with my first small child, I noticed that he was looking not at the child, but at me. Inquiring about the origin of the scars, he was outraged. He says that this surgeon's hands must be torn off, it could have been sewn up very neatly and nothing could be seen. He offered to correct my lip. I say that I have no time for this now. Does the husband say loves? Loves, I answer. Doesn't interfere with kissing ?. Doesn't interfere, I answer. They laughed and parted. So that's it. I have never been an outcast, and even more so the object of bullying. Apparently I was so confident in myself that if they tried to offend me, I could verbally parry so that I completely discouraged desires.

    Now I am already a pensioner, I have 4 grandchildren, and have lived with my husband for almost 40 years. There are still many friends and girlfriends. I am happy and I have no problems with my appearance. Cultivate confidence, self-sufficiency, individuality, show people your kind attitude, participation, cordiality, sincerity. Appearance is not everything, you need to have a fire inside in order to captivate, interest people around. Good luck everyone!

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