"Programs on demand" on FM radio stations - cheating and luring? Why?

"Programs on demand" on FM radio stations - cheating and luring? Why?

  • why? I have always heard my messages live. "LUX FM UKRAINE"

  • By ignoring the requests of listeners, the radio station runs the risk of losing them. My requests were sometimes executed.

  • I believe that there is no dishonest moment, of course. Well, the host may not submit an application, but it just happens. Breaking the system is dangerous)

  • On radio stations there is such a thing as a format. DJs do not play what they need and like, but what they were ordered to stage. Otherwise they will be kicked out. They have a set of songs. And apparently you can order only what they have, what is approved.

    And further, they already have a playlist. Rearranging something is apparently stressful.

    The last time I listened to the program on request for Autoradio. And there the presenter read congratulations and when he came to a request to put on a song, he read like this: such a radio listener asks to put on a "good song". A good song all the time. And of course, they put whatever the presenter wanted. I doubt that this is how the listeners literally asked for an abstract good song and spent money on it.

    That is, if you want your application to be fulfilled, then ask for what they usually put. They may not have a rare song. And they can't put it out of format.

  • And what is the point of such a deception? It's just that sometimes, it seems to me, the application does not correspond to the format of the program. Plus to everything - the airtime is not rubber and everyone, if there are a lot of them, is simply impossible to fulfill. Therefore, those who got through live, and did not send a letter (message), have more chances.

  • I don’t know about you, but my applications were accepted, more than once. True, not on Mayak, but on Europe and Russian Radio. True, I called, not wrote, but nevertheless. It is difficult to get through, the line is often busy, but if you're lucky ... By the way, in one program the ex-presenter Nikolaev admitted that if he had to play what people ask, the same song would be playing. In our time it would be some kind of Natalie with the song "Oh, God, what a man" ...

  • A couple of times I sent SMS with a request to put on my favorite song, they just took a lot of money and no answer, no hello. So all this is a lure, although ... maybe there are honest radio stations somewhere)

  • This is more likely not a deception, but a lure, or, as you yourself indicated, "enticement", since radio stations also need to live, and this is the target audience, respectively, advertising!

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