How many cartridges take off for one automatic queue?

How many cartridges take off for one automatic queue?

  • Not a single cartridge will fly out of the machine during the automatic fire.

    Bullets fly out of the barrel of the machine gun, and cartridges from the bolt window. And if we mean the length of the automatic burst in general, then it is fixed (one press - 2 or 3 shots) and usual, when the length of the burst depends on the time the trigger is pulled.

  • The Kalashnikov assault rifle is capable of "burning" almost any number of cartridges in one burst. The limitation may be - First: the capacity of the store (the standard one holds thirty cartridges, increased from the Kalashnikov light machine gun holds forty-five cartridges), the second: delays in firing that occur when the cartridge is skewed or any part of the Kalashnikov assault rifle's mechanism fails, the third: barrel melt. It can occur if, having solved the problem of continuous feeding of cartridges into the chamber, the problem of warming up the barrel of the machine gun due to the friction of bullets on the inner surface of the channel and the high temperature of the powder gases is not solved. The minimum number of cartridges, which is considered to be firing in bursts, is two. By the way, experienced shooters try to make just such short bursts of two, maximum, three shots. The fact is that when firing in bursts, the barrel of the machine gun begins to go up and to the right and only the first two shots hit the target. The rest end up in "milk".

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