Dear, full name! Do you need a comma after the word respected in the email header?

Dear, full name! Do you need a comma after the word respected in the email header?

  • A business letter or message often starts with the word respected... And behind it, as a rule, is written the first name, first name and patronymic or the full name, patronymic and last name of the person to whom the writer is addressing.

    The adjective "respected" constitutes the appeal together with the subsequent regalia of the person. It does not need to be separated by a comma or an exclamation point. This is a single syntactic construction - an appeal.

    Dear Nikolai Ivanovich! I am writing to you about ...

    Dear Nina Sergeevna Mishchenko! We inform you that ...

    Any definitions (adjective, pronoun) with a reference are a single whole, for example:

    Dear Mishenka, congratulations ...

    Dear Natasha, let me congratulate you on your graduation from school.

    My Svetik, I'm glad for you that ...

  • Full name is usually a surname with a first name and patronymic, that is, an indication of the person to whom any information is addressed. Therefore, in the proposal, this construction will be an appeal. It should be remembered that the appeal can be widespread in its structure, in this case, in this capacity we act as the definition of "respected".

    NEED NOT. This common reference is a single construct.

  • Not. In this case, "respected" is an adjective to the name (full name). For example: dear Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich! This is one appeal to the same person. Indeed, in "dear Tanya" before "Tanya" a comma would not have been put. I hope I got my message across

  • Dear Lelishna,

    no, the comma is not needed, since here the inversion has only one construction.

    And if the full name with the expensive one is changed, then there will be two appeals already with us in fact with you,

    And two commas are required: ah full name, expensive,

    I am writing to you and I assure you that

    that side is lexical and syntactic

    brought to complete purity, and with punctuation, we only have the right situations.

    I hope, Lelishna, you, expensive, as well as everyone who reads this text,

    Everything became clearer and clearer, and even the smallest of omissions remained.

    I wish to make friends with commas and express my respect in any letter and address!

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