When does a person close their eyes?

When does a person close their eyes?

  • Eyes are closed in a dream, sleeping with open eyes is troublesome and inconvenient - a fact! And there are very pleasant moments in which people (mostly ladies) slam their eyelids, this is sexual arousal, when a lady is excited and her body is eager for the introduction of a man's penis into her hot FON, she always slams her playful eyes, and when a blowjob, too. It's like a 100% indicator. Remember, if the lady's eyes are wide open during the "ding-ding", you can not insert your apparatus, it will be absolutely indifferent to how you convulse. "Ding-ding" only with closed eyelids, like Wii. Remember how Viy asked to lift his eyelids? So the ladies, when excited, their eyelids seem to fill up with lead and they are ready for copulation.

  • The eyelids of the human eye serve as curtains from the outward flow of light. They also have the function of wetting the eyeball with a tear to prevent the surface of it from drying out. In normal vision, a person looks at the world for about 0,7 seconds. Then the upper eyelid drops, wetting the eyes with a tear for about one third of a second. It is easy to calculate that a hundred per hour our eyes are closed for twenty minutes while awake. During sleep, most healthy people also have their eyes closed. They take a break from contact with air and from receiving light information. I'm not sure about kissing. Personally, I don't close my eyes. On the contrary, I absorb the reaction of the object of the kiss. When frightened or surprised, the eyes do not close. On the contrary, they open wider to absorb more information and find a way out of the situation.

  • I close my eyes forever - dead. Usually they close when they sleep), also if a person is very scared, the reaction of the body gives a signal - to close your eyes so as not to see something. if a person is tired, they also close their eyes so that they can rest.

  • The eyelid is given to a person to protect the eye, that is, it can be closed reflexively, as well as in order to moisten the eye, that is, to avoid drying out. Therefore, it is given to a person to blink.

    It can be noted that a person blinks when frightened, in bright light.

    Also an interesting fact: a person always closes his eyes when sneezes.

    If you don’t believe, you can check for yourself.

  • When they blink, sleep, they close them out of fear, when they cry, when they meditate, when they play hide and seek)), when they kiss, when a bright light appears suddenly.

  • I close my eyes when I want to fall asleep, when they are blinded by too bright light, when I see something very unpleasant or scary, at least in films, on TV. I close my eyes after dropping medicinal drops into them, and also, when I want to concentrate, withdraw into myself.

  • A person can close his eyes in pleasure if he gets some sensations that he really likes, it can be tactile or taste sensations, or feelings of euphoria from what he saw.

    And of course, when he sleeps, he also closes his eyes, but there are birds that sleep with their eyes open, these are our house budgerigars.

    It is also possible to close your eyes out of fear, for example, a person is watching a movie, and there is a harsh scene of murder or other violence in it, and he does not want to expose his psyche to such stress, so he closes his eyes.

    During spiritual practices, they also close their eyes, this is yoga, reiki, meditation.

    Eyes can be closed from the wind, especially when it blows strongly in the face, and also when a person cries, he also closes his eyes.

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  • A person closes his eyes in the following cases.

    When he sleeps.

    When he sneezes.

    When it's scary.

    When external stimuli arise, such as bright light, specks in the eyes, strong wind.

    When a person cries.

    In the process of sexual activities.

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