Shake, but not mix - how's that?

Shake, but not mix - how's that?

  • When shaking, only part of the ingredients will fit into one another in relatively large masses for a glass. When drinking a cocktail, different substances will be felt, alternating in taste. Shaking is carried out with small circular movements of the glass along the horizontal plane for a short time (several times)

    And if you mix, then everything will mix into a single mass and the taste will become uniform and most likely not very pleasant. Mixing is done with anything from a spoon to a mixer to form a homogeneous solution.

  • Funny, but this is a wrong translation. "Shaken, not stirred" - "shake, NOT mix." When mixing the ingredients, their layers are clearly separated (this is especially noticeable on the opaque components); when shaken, they are actively mixed, as a result, bubbles are necessarily present, the appearance and taste when drinking change.

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