Assignment to the deputy. What's the 5 letter answer?

Assignment to the deputy. What's the 5 letter answer?

  • The assignment to the deputy is called "mandate". When electing their representative before the official government, the people give instructions to this person in order to be fulfilled. And the deputy's business is to fulfill this order. The answer is a mandate.

  • In the classic version, this is a mandate. But there are times when an appeal to a deputy can really help. Unfortunately, such cases are rare and in most cases, the deputies forget all the instructions after the elections.

    The answer is ORDER.

  • Usually during the election campaign and in the future, when a deputy meets with those (citizens) who elected him to this post, the latter give him some tasks so that in the future this deputy will fulfill them, using for this already his "deputy" power and opportunity ... It depends on the fulfillment of these tasks, whether they will vote for him next time or prefer another, so if possible the deputies still have to complete, though not all, but some tasks.

    These tasks are called the deputy mandate, and the answer to this question should be considered - Order (5 letters).

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