How at home to make anti-slip lining on shoes?

How at home to make anti-slip lining on shoes?

  • I can advise a great way to make shoes not slippery. Buy nylon socks and dress them on shoes. You just never slip.

    As for such linings, as in your photo, I do not like them. They slide to the side. On ice, the foot slides all the same. They sometimes fly off, and they can be lost.

    Still, these lining is better to shoot indoors. And if you shoot, they must be put somewhere. And they are wet and dirty.

  • So that the shoes do not slip, we, too, took a large sandpaper, cut out from the footprint of the size of the boot and stuck on super glue. So did themselves and children. The children even tried to tear sandpaper from their boots in order to slide, but failed. True, if you walk and squiggle over the snow, then the grains from the paper crumble.

  • To prevent the shoes from slipping, try the following: glue a few pieces of sandpaper or felt from old felt boots to the sole with rubber glue. You can treat the sole with rubber glue, and after drying it, sprinkle it with coarse sand. But this procedure will have to be repeated periodically, as the sand will crumble.

  • My mother was in my childhood, when I rolled my boots to death, rolling from all the hills in a row (this is how, in my opinion, everyone did at that time, well, the more “slippery” the boots were, the cooler!), But we need it was somewhere far to go on foot, glued on the glue "moment" a nylon piece of tights on the sole, cutting it out along the boot. Helped iron and for a very long time came off after the campaign!

  • It is fashionable to make such overlays from old leather belts, you just need to cut them and make the straps on the shoes so that they fit well. The belts must be fastened with the inner side to the ice, and coat this side with glue, and then dipped in coarse sand ...

  • Last year we had a terrible gold in our city and in order to avoid injury to people, special skeins against sliding material were brought to our stores, but we did it at home:

    • mini nails or buttons were punched into thick rubber and hooked onto the velcro
    • On the super glue, hard sandpaper was placed on the sole.
  • In order to make the shoes less slippery, you can use a regular pharmacy adhesive plaster. When I was pregnant, I was terrified of slipping and falling. Then my grandmother advised to glue two strips of adhesive plaster along the foot on the sole of the shoe. True, this method is not for long - enough for a couple of days, and then the plaster needs to be changed, but when there is nothing more suitable at hand, it saves a lot.

  • I have been doing this for eight years now - I thoroughly wash the soles of my shoes from dirt and dry them, then lightly clean them with coarse sandpaper, making them rough. XNUMX hours before the glue dries. Exactly as much sand will stick as needed, the excess will crumble. Throughout the winter, the shoes will not slip, you just need to try not to wipe your feet before entering the room, but stomp with your feet to beat off the snow or mud.

  • And I stuck Moment or 88 pieces of coarse sandpaper on a cloth basis on the toe and on the heel.

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