What objects are named after Russian travelers?

What objects are named after Russian travelers?

  • The Laptev Sea, the Bering Sea, the Brentsevoe Sea, Cape Chelyuskin - the northernmost cape, the city of Khabarovsk, Erofei Pavlovich station, the coast on Taimyr, the strait in honor of Laptev. The islands in the North Sea are named after the navigators Shokalsky, Neupokoev, Isachenko, Voronin, Sibiryakov.

  • The first thing that comes to mind, well, of course the most famous place that everyone knows about is the Dyatlov Pass!

    There is also Cape Dezhnev - which is known all over the world.

    Ratmanov Island, though he is a naval officer, not a traveler.

    Yes, a lot of them, just not all (including me) know about them.

  • Russian travelers have made a huge contribution to the treasury of geographical discoveries and therefore their names deservedly occupy places on a geographical map of the world.

    1 N.M. Przhevalsky - mountains in the Primorsky Territory, a ridge and a glacier in Altai are named after him;

    2 P.P. Semnov-Tyan-Shansky - the famous traveler gave the name to many geographical objects in Central Asia, the Caucasus, Alaska, Spitsbergen;

    3 N.N. Miklukho-Maclay - the northeastern coast of New Guinea, as well as the gulf of the Southern Ocean off the coast of Antarctica, are named after the geographer;

    4 F.F. Bellingshausen - a sea in the Pacific Ocean, a cape on Sakhalin, islands and a bay in the Laptev Sea, a glacier in eastern Antarctica are named in his honor;

    5 M.P. Lazarev - in honor of the admiral, the head of the 1st Russian Antarctic expedition, a settlement in the area of ​​Sochi was named;

    6 S.I. Chelyuskin - a cape, the northernmost point of the Eurasian continent, bears his name;

    7 N.K. Roerich - a peak and a pass in Altai, as well as a pass and a glacier in the Tien Shan mountains are named after the famous artist and traveler.

    But I have listed only a small part of geographical names in honor of Russian explorers, in fact there are much more of them.

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