Who built a comfortable prison for himself?

Who built a comfortable prison for himself?

  • Surprisingly, a similar fact took place in the Colombian penitentiary system. Prison "La Catedral" was built in the Envigado mountain range not far from the city of Medellin in 1991 to serve the sentence of the Colombian drug lord Pablo Emilio Escobar. La Catedral was built by the drug lord Pablo Escobar himself so as not to go to a state prison and looked more like an expensive, prestigious club than an ordinary prison. First, he bought up the land, this entire massif over Envigado with mountains and forests. Then, in a short time, a complex of buildings was built there for Pablo himself and his people. The territory was guarded by Pablo's people, all Pablo's guards were armed and did not hand over their weapons to the troops and police. The outer perimeter was controlled by the Colombian troops, but together with the "Special Search Group" (created specifically to capture the elusive Pablo Escobar) they had no right to approach the prison "La Catedral" closer than 20 kilometers. Pablo himself had free access to the prison and from there, there was also a helipad for these purposes. Escobar came to his own prison and left when he wanted to. On the territory of the prison there was a church, a large place with simulators for training Pablo's people and Pablito's dad himself, a disco, a swimming pool, a jacuzzi and a sauna, and in the courtyard there was a large football field. Pablo Escobar loved to play football, which is why there was a football field, where the Colombian national team was brought, so that Pablo could play with them. By helicopter, everything was delivered to Pablo at his request, there were always many friends of the boss and a bunch of girls in the complex, family members visited him at any time.

    And of course, during his imprisonment, Pablo Escobar continued to lead the multibillion-dollar cocaine business.

    After sitting in "his" prison for about a year, Pablo Escobar fled after the order of the President of Colombia to transfer him to a state prison after several "unwanted" Pablo people were killed in La Catedral. After the end of the "Pablo era", the entire area was nationalized and then bought by one of the churches.

    A detailed story about how the prison of Pablo Escobar "La Catedral" looked with a detailed photo report can be found on the website forum.awd.ru

  • Indeed, such a fact took place in Colombia. Such a prison was built by the Colombian drug lord - Pablo Emlio Escabara. This prison was guarded by government troops, who could not get closer to the prison than 20 kilometers. After the President of Colombia decided to transfer the prisoner to a state prison, the criminal escaped.

  • This historical fact occurred in Colombia: the famous drug lord Pablo Emilio Esquabar, having a huge financial fortune decided to build a prison for himself, the government acknowledged that it was valid and assigned troops to guard Pablo, but they were from not within a radius of 20 km, but after the president's meditation The country decided to transfer Escabar to an ordinary prison, having learned about this, he fled from his prison.

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