Who is a bunch?

Who is a bunch?

  • Shket this boy, boy, boy, boy, boy, boy, boy, dog, boy, boy, kid, shorty, declin, kid, shibzdik.

    Another can call a person a very small growth, a juvenile criminal, a passive pederast.

  • This already half-forgotten word can be said. That is how they used to call a boy, teenager, street child, boy. And, as it were, in a thieves' manner. According to the thieves, "the hair dryer", and not in all social strata and circles. Similar words: Boy, Espagnolette, Plushket, etc. It could be used as an address to any boy, for example: Hey you, Shket, come here ... Such words were used by boys from ordinary families, and not some rich or intelligent ones.

  • Previously, this was the name of a boy or teenager. Considered thieves' jargon. Synonym-patsan, sometimes - fraer. It is considered borrowed from the Czech language, but in nm this means "blockhead". Now it is practically not used.

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