Why is the book called a great miracle?

Why is the book called a great miracle?

  • In all likelihood, the book is called a great miracle because it helps to reliably preserve all the knowledge accumulated by mankind in the entire history of mankind. Books, in essence, are the repositories of human memory and, at the same time, a tool of progress.

  • The book is called a great miracle because for a long time the books reflected the trends in the development of society that were at that time, and a person reading a book gets a lot of useful information from it for his development and life. A book is the best gift; reading a book since childhood has made people more literate and cultural, therefore the book’s contribution to the development of the human mind is invaluable.

  • Well, it is called a "miracle" in a figurative sense, of course, because the book is easily repeatable. But it is not superfluous to pay a tribute of respect and admiration to her. She conveys the thoughts of people who have long been gone. It's such a simple way to store information.

  • The book is really a great miracle, because the books contain the thoughts of people, their achievements, it is like a repository of our memory. The book conveys information to future generations. From the books we learn how people lived before, how humankind originated on earth, how life developed. Therefore, the book is called a great miracle.

  • Is not a miracle.

    Learn the thoughts of a person who lived many, many years ago.

    The book is a time machine that allows us to look into the past.

    Therefore, probably there is a proverb about pen writing.

    The word is said and forgotten, and the book is eternal.

  • In my opinion, all the books on our planet are called a great miracle, because they taught people to write down their thoughts, as well as save them for other generations of people. Thus, a very large force of all mankind lies precisely in various book libraries.

  • The book is deservedly called a great miracle; thanks to it, we can comprehend the knowledge of past generations, be a different person, imagining ourselves in the place of the main character, immersing ourselves in a fictional world to distract from life's difficulties.

  • I think the book is called

    Why is the book called a great miracle?

    because every time you start reading a book, every time you discover something new; the book is a great miracle, and because now, when there is the Internet, people still go to the library and take to read books. This great miracle will always amaze us with new riddles and discoveries, to give knowledge.

  • The book is called a great miracle, because the books store the thoughts and ideas of millions of great people who have long been gone. They are the memory of events that happened many years and even centuries ago. Books have survived many historical eras, various wars, revolutions, and still have not lost their value. And even in our era of the Internet, I think that books will hold out and regain their slightly lost positions. After all, no electronic book can replace "communication" with a real book.

  • Composition "Why the book is called a great miracle."

    A huge layer of knowledge is stored in books. There are books of different content, but they all tell about the great discoveries made in antiquity, about the knowledge gained today. From books you can learn how life was born on our planet, how people live today. Great writers with the gift of the pen compose works by which a person learns how a person lived many years ago and how it will be in the future. The book is a faithful friend of man and it is a great miracle to have a faithful helper in life.

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