The novel "Gone with the Wind". Who is the author?

The novel "Gone with the Wind". Who is the author?

  • I read, - an interesting book. E wrote Margaret Mitchell. In some ways, a book, something like e autobiography. For example, the episode where Bonnie falls from a pony and dies; in Margaret, her sister seemed to have died like that, though I don’t remember exactly.

  • Gone with the Wind was written by Margaret Mitchell. At first she was a journalist, and then she got married and her husband asked her to leave this job. But she did not sit idle at home. Many guests were offered excerpts from this work. She began work on the novel in 1926 and finished only in 1936. She is 60! I rewrote the first chapter once, and came up with the name of the main character at the very last moment.

  • The novel "Gone with the Wind" is a vivid example of the fact that a man wrote one work and became famous. Its author is the American writer Margaret Mitchell. From the pages of the novel came Scarlett Oh, Hara, the heroine and conqueror of America. This book is scolded by some, while others are attracted by it for some unknown reason. Either this is a novel about love, similar to war, or a ladies' novel in which the heroine kisses herself in the mirror, or is it a war drama, an epic of the struggle between the North and the South for the independence of slaves. And in the finale of the novel, it turns out that the landed aristocracy of the South has been replaced by the financial aristocracy of the North. And why was the sea of ​​blood shed and the homesteads of the South destroyed? But Scarlett in these cruel conditions, in the fire of war and during the post-war devastation is like a cat that was thrown out of the window (from a comfortable and wealthy life), but she still got to her feet (on all four legs). That is why many saw in Scarlett a wonderful symbol of America.

    Margaret Mitchell was born in 1900, middle school, wrote plays for the school theater. For some time she worked as a reporter for a local newspaper. She persistently wrote some pieces of paper that filled her entire house. And this was the birth of her novel, which brought Margaret worldwide fame. The writer worked on it for ten years (1926-36). The bright and distinctive image of Scarlett, who was defeated, fell, and then got up again and walked forward, attracted the attention of millions of readers. The writer did not expect her heroine to walk across the country in triumph. Gone with the wind, and Scarlett, a beautiful girl, crippled by the thirst for profit, stepping over everyone and everything so as not to starve, decisive and enterprising, did not lose her optimism and mental strength to fight the cruel reality. For this, many readers appreciated and loved her.

  • Margaret Michell is the author of the legendary novel "Along with the Wind"

  • Gone with the Wind was written by Margaret Mitchell. The writer bears little resemblance to what we are used to seeing in America. She absolutely did not recognize the brilliance of fame and the money pouring out of it. An unknown housewife wrote a book about which connoisseurs were arguing - is it possible to write it? And they agreed that no is impossible. Scarlett became a triumph, she knew how to stand up for herself and, like a cat thrown out of a window, always stood up. The most interesting thing is that Mitchell herself did not like the image of Scarlett, i.e. described image of a woman.

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