How can you replace cottage cheese in your diet?

How can you replace cottage cheese in your diet?

  • It is better not to replace such a useful product with cottage cheese at all, it is better to eat it every day in small quantities, so at least there will be a calcium rate in the body and there will be no damage to health. It will be late.

  • I love cottage cheese so much that I would not replace it with anything. The purpose of the diet and the meaning of the replacement are unknown. But you can offer soft curd cheese, yogurt with cottage cheese (for example "miracle"), oatmeal without sugar, but with fruit, fermented baked milk, biokefir.

  • There is nothing to replace it with! You just need proper nutrition! I have a friend who lost 35 kg, and at the same time ate cottage cheese, says the homemade most fatty one, just followed the right nutrition! You can eat cottage cheese with minimal fat content!

  • I heard that cottage cheese is often replaced with low-fat kefir.

  • Cottage cheese can be replaced with homemade cottage cheese. Made from sour milk. Heating it in a water bath. When heated, the milk is curdled and separated from the skim. Then strain through cheesecloth. These tender pieces of curd are a storehouse of calcium. It is also useful to drink it chilled. ...

  • It will not work to replace cottage cheese with a similar product, because there is no product the same as cottage cheese. But cottage cheese is a protein, which means food with a protein content will to some extent be a substitute for cottage cheese, the closest to it is various meat, eggs, milk.


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