How to replace chips?

How to replace chips?

  • If you have a fruit dryer, you can, for example, make crunchy apple "chips" by cutting them into thin slices. If you don't have a dryer, you can dry the apple pieces in the oven. These apple "chips" can be eaten without harm to health.

  • Unhealthy chips can be replaced with - nuts, crackers, cookies.

    Although these products may not always be useful.

    Fruit is suitable for a snack, and it is good to eat from sweets.

    marmalade, marshmallow and marshmallow.

  • For example, I will advise you here soy chips. I tried - from the chips only the words on the package. Very unusual*)

  • I was very fond of chips, but now, fortunately, I have lost the habit of them, and have replaced them with various crispy breads. They are healthy, tasty, you can just crunch, you can make light sandwiches, with hot coffee, with tea.

  • And why deny yourself the pleasure if you can make wonderful chips at home, with your own hands and from natural potatoes. Make and ... have fun.

    Homemade chips are not such a difficult dish to prepare, you can make several servings and salt one, and eat the other with sour cream and onions, or pepper (whichever you prefer).

    I always make chips myself and ... I know exactly what I eat and how much.

    The method for making homemade chips is simple (you can watch a lot of similar videos on YouTube):

    Or you can cook like this:

  • Make these potato chips yourself at home.

  • Personally, I have found for myself a replacement for chips. And even several options.

    Option 1. Carrot chips. I cut the carrots into thin slices. I put it on a plate and dry it. After a few days, the carrot chips are ready. And if there is no time to wait, then you can chew and not dried carrot plates.

    Option 2. Dried fruits. Dried pieces of apples, pears, apricots are well suited for a snack.

    Both are delicious. healthy and low in calories.

  • We buy crispy bread made from fiber with various additives - and not harmful, and even healthy, and tasty, and crispy. My children and I eat them for dessert, with soup, and with the main course.

    And there is also an assortment of fried nuts, bananas, candied fruits - also delicious, and you can crunch.

  • Replace potato chips with more useful ones. For example, banana. In general, you can buy a sports mixture. There are nuts and raisins, candied fruits, in general, do not come off and are more useful. Although in terms of calorie content, they are also far from ideal.

  • You can crunch banana chips - these are dried bananas and no chemistry, at least it shouldn't.

    Or chop the potatoes thinly and fry them in oil until crisp. It seems that there is also little useful, but there is no glutomate, and you certainly know that potatoes were used, and not starch or some other substitute.

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