What is healthier, buckwheat, millet or rolled oats?

What is healthier, buckwheat, millet or rolled oats?

  • It's like asking: "What is more harmful - vodka, beer. Or cognac?" Of course, everything is in the complex.

  • Nothing if you figure it out. Millet is the best of this.

    Common store buckwheat is already fried, almost all vitamins are killed, including quercetin, which is from cancer and from cardiovascular disease.

    Hercules is sold in the form of oatmeal. They are obtained from grain, which is steamed and then flattened. The steam has a very high temperature and almost all the vitamins and minerals have already been killed. In addition, oatmeal contains a lot of purines, which are deposited in the form of lactic acid in the body. Personally, my leg hurts from oat flakes. Even if I don't boil them, but eat them raw, soaked in cold water. And without salt and sugar. Although oatmeal, they say, the stomach heals. But I cannot check, otherwise the leg will fall off if there is often)

    Millet. The millet, which is in the store, has a surface already polished, there is no embryo in it. I checked, it does not germinate. That is, the grain is alive, not thermally processed, but without an embryo. That is, we do not get some of the nutrients with millet. There is no most important thing - the life of the embryo. But it hasn't been processed. Millet porridge cleans the intestines, I read about this somewhere.

    The most useful of these cereals is green buckwheat with germthat can germinate.

    If you take hercules, then you need to take unpeeled oats, germinate it, then grind it in a blender with water, squeeze it, and discard the husk and cake.

    You can also make a decoction, but you still have to throw away the husk and cake.

    Either take naked oats without husks, it is with a germ. At least cook, at least germinate.

    And instead of millet, take millet (this is millet with an embryo), it will be alive.

    Then it will be useful. All of these can be ordered from online health food stores. Or buy in large cities, where there are health food stores.

    All the best and health to you!

  • Buckwheat is certainly useful, on account of millet ... I personally doubt it. But oatmeal is generally a magic porridge, that's what they call the porridge of beauty. It is very useful for those who adhere to a healthy diet and struggle with excess weight. It just has a great effect on the skin and hair. And of course, wonderful masks, scrubs for the face and body.


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