What is cevapcici? How to cook cevapchichi? Recipe?

What is cevapcici? How to cook cevapchichi? Recipe?

  • Chevapchichi is a dish of the Balkan Peninsula. We represent this dish as fried sausages. They are especially tasty when wrapped in strips of bacon.

    To prepare them, we need: 500 - 700 grams of mixed minced meat, slicing bacon, ground pepper mixture, 1 onion, 3 cloves of garlic, vegetable oil - 2 tbsp. spoons, if desired, you can add a mixture of aromatic spices, lemon juice, etc.

    Chop the onion, pass the garlic through a press and add them to the minced meat. After that, we pass the minced meat through a meat grinder again, salt, add pepper and knead thoroughly.

    For the formation of sausages, it is convenient to use the neck, which we cut off from a plastic bottle. We just fill the neck with minced meat and, pushing it through the hole, we put the sausages on a cutting board. You can also roll them by hand.

    We wrap the resulting sausages in oblique strips of bacon. In this form, they can be fried immediately or frozen, and they can be fried at any time convenient for you.

    We heat the oil in a frying pan and fry the sausages on all sides, it takes 20 minutes (you can cook - fry them on coals or a grill grate).

    The best side dish for them is fried potatoes, it is also good to serve fresh vegetables, especially bell peppers.

    What is cevapcici? How to cook cevapchichi? Recipe?

  • All the same, the spelling is more correct - chevapchichi, although it is difficult to make out by ear, whether chevabchichi, or kebabchichi. The word also includes Serbian

    What is cevapcici? How to cook cevapchichi? Recipe?

    and the Macedonian "kebab".

    Chevapchichi is a specialty of all restaurants in the countries of the Balkan Peninsula, as it comes from there.

    There is nothing complicated in the recipe, in fact, these are our homemade cutlets, only formed into sausages.

    The most popular recipe: take beef and pork for 0,5 kg of minced meat, twist or chop finely. Add finely chopped onion (1 pc), garlic (1 clove), salt, pepper to taste, 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda. Sweep the minced meat well. Put in the refrigerator. It is easier to shape the sausages after the refrigerator. Fry the formed sausages. That's the whole recipe.

    Homemade chevapchichi

    What is cevapcici? How to cook cevapchichi? Recipe?

  • Chevapchichi are grilled sausages made from ground meat with onions and spices.

    Would need.

    1 kg of beef

    1 tsp vegetable seasoning

    1 tsp razrыhlitelya

    100 ml of water



    Black ground pepper


    Pass the meat through a meat grinder twice. Add salt, seasoning, pepper and baking powder to the water. Then add the minced meat and mix. Put the resulting mixture in the refrigerator for 4 hours. Then form the sausages, 4 cm long and fry in a pan until cooked. Serve with chopped onions. ... Bon Appetit!!!

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