What is celery?

What is celery?

  • Celery is a vegetable that is not very popular with us, which is a pity, because this plant is a storehouse of vitamins and microelements. I grow root and stalk celery in my country house. Root can be fried, baked, made salads. In Europe, grated root celery salad with a green apple is very popular; this salad is seasoned with olive oil and lemon juice. Raw petiole celery can be used in salads. It turns out delicious meat, stewed with vegetables, if you add stalked celery to it. When cooking broths, celery gives it a good taste. I dry the roots and leaves of celery in an electric dryer and make a mixture of dried herbs that cannot be compared with the purchased ones by the smell. Celery is considered an aphrodisiac.

  • Celery is a very healthy vegetable. When losing weight, nutritionists add celery to the diet, it contains a lot of vitamins and liquid that is easily excreted from the body. You can make different salads from celery.

  • Celery is a food and medicine, a plant native to the Mediterranean. There are three types: leaf celery, petiole and root. The leaves are used for salads, dried - as a seasoning. The petioles are very juicy, they are eaten raw, as part of dishes, salads, you can make juice from them. Celery root can be boiled, baked, added to salads, or dried for later use in meals. Celery is very rich in vitamins and minerals, which makes it a valuable medicine.

    What is celery?

  • Celery is a miracle - a plant of the umbrella family. It happens leaf, root and petiolate.

    I have every day on the table (sorry, went up by 100%).

    If I buy a root, then I brush it well, cut off small roots and the entire crust - I dry them immediately, use them when cooking any broth, it enriches the taste so well, pulls out all the bad tastes of fat, foam, etc. Then I strain and cook the soup.

    I rub the peeled raw root into salads (it helps me a lot against padagra (bumps on the leg at the big toe). The same is with leaf and petiole - only raw.

    It has a lot of vitamins and minerals, it calms the nerves well, and at the same time it is also called the image of Viagra. It removes stones very intensively from the kidneys, so with such diseases you can not use it because of pains that can cause movement of stones.

    Diabetics are useful in all varieties, with caution eat with thrombus veins. Very good helps to lose weight.

    You can dry, cut finely and put on the battery, dries very quickly.

    Mix the grated root with carrots, freeze and put in all dishes.

    Do not store the root in the ae. package, can quickly mold.

    What is celery?

Celery - beneficial properties

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