If I bought a green grenade, he could ripen home?

If I bought a green grenade, he could ripen home?

  • Maybe, however, you need to provide the grenade with "decent" storage conditions.

    So, this fruit (not a berry, as many believe) loves temperatures from one to eight degrees, the ideal temperature for it is one to two degrees.

    A pomegranate can be stored in a refrigerator, in a cellar or even not in a balcony. Only it will be great if each copy you pack properly in paper, so the fruit inside will not dry up.

    Here's another tip:

    If I bought a green grenade, he could ripen home?

  • No, if you bought an unripe pomegranate, then it will never be able to become ripe. The fact is that the pomegranate refers to those fruits that should recruit their ripeness exclusively on the branch of their native tree. Only in this case it will be sweet and ripe. If it is ripped unripe, it will remain sour-tasting, even if its grains are red in color. Therefore it is very important to be able to choose the right grenades when buying. It is necessary to pay attention to a peel which in case of ripeness of a fruit, should be dry and as though to cover a fruit of a pomegranate so that grains were allocated. The place where the flower once was, should not be green.

  • I read that if the pomegranate is not mature enough, it can ripen if it stays a little, but this garnet will not be as juicy and tasty as the one that was ripped already ripe. For this reason, you should not keep ripe grenades for a long time, because they overripe and begin to deteriorate, while there may not be any external signs that the garnet has deteriorated. And to buy a ripe pomegranate, you need to choose fruits with a dense smooth skin without cracks and spots. When you press such a fruit should be tight and elastic at the same time. No grain protruding through the rind should be, the fruit should be smooth.

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