Cooking alcoholic cocktails at home: step by step recipes

An active evening rest is always dancing, fun and alcohol. A trip to a bar or a nightclub is accompanied by tasting new or drinking your favorite cocktails. But you don't have to go somewhere for this: you can decorate a home party or a meeting with friends by making alcoholic cocktails at home on your own.

alcoholic cocktails at home

Feature of cocktails

Why are alcoholic cocktails so attractive for lovers of nightlife? The fact is that they have a number of features that distinguish these drinks from other alcoholic products.

An alcoholic cocktail is a mixture of two or more ingredients, one of which must contain alcohol. They can be completely simple in composition and preparation, or they can be multicomponent with complex step-by-step preparation. The correct combination of the components of the cocktail provides a pleasant taste and a light dizzying effect, which is more akin not to intoxication, but to relaxation and fun.

Alcoholic cocktails at home can also be prepared, but this requires a certain skill and knowledge of proportions. Therefore, most often for these drinks and turn to bars and nightclubs.

alcoholic cocktails at home

Types of cocktails

The best bartenders compete annually in the skill of creating cocktails, so keeping up with new products is quite difficult. If you decide to prepare alcoholic cocktails at home, then you need to know the basics about them:

  • Distinguish between "long" and "short" cocktails. They are also called the English words "long" and "shot" respectively.
  • Long cocktails usually contain more than three ingredients and are served in a tall glass with ample ice. Drinking this version of cocktails is usually offered through a straw.
  • Shot cocktails are drunk in one gulp. They are served in a glass or a small special glass. They usually contain more alcoholic constituents than longs.
  • There are classic cocktails whose recipes have been established for decades. They bear the same name and have the same composition in any bar in the world.
  • Bartenders can make signature cocktails on the basis of classic ones, slightly modifying the recipe or completely inventing a new composition.

Making an alcoholic cocktail at home is a snap. The main thing is to know what exactly you want to get.

make an alcoholic cocktail at home

Why classic recipes are good

You can always find these names in the cocktail list of any bar. You don't expect anything new from them and you are one hundred percent sure of the taste. Classic recipes for alcoholic cocktails are the ratio of taste proven over the years.

If you decide to make alcoholic cocktails at home, then pay attention, first of all, to the classic compositions.

"Mojito", "Margarita", "Cosmopolitan", B-52 - this list can be continued for a long time and every connoisseur of the taste of good alcohol will be able to find a recipe to his liking.

alcoholic cocktails at home recipes

Before you start preparing, you need to decide: on what occasion the cocktail will be, for which audience and what their preferences are. And having studied the theoretical basis, making alcoholic cocktails at home: simple and complex, strong and not so - is a matter of technique and inspiration.

Cocktails for any occasion

Several simple cocktails have a universal taste that will delight almost everyone. They are perfect for a party or get-together with friends.

  1. Whiskey cola. To prepare it, you need to mix whiskey with chilled highly carbonated cola in a one-to-one ratio. A large amount of ice must be added to the glass before serving.
  2. Vodka with Sprite. Pour 50 ml of vodka and 150 ml of chilled sprite into a tall glass. Add a few wedges of lime or lime juice. Accompany with plenty of ice.
  3. Mojito. At the bottom of a tall glass, pour two teaspoons of sugar (preferably brown) and squeeze the juice out of half of the lime. After that, in a glass you need to put a lot of mint leaves, crushed ice and pour 60 ml of rum and 150 ml of sparkling mineral water or sprite. Decorate the glass with lime slices.

These recipes show that you can make an alcoholic cocktail at home without using complex ingredients and special devices.

alcoholic simple cocktails at home

Female version

Surprising the fair sex is usually more difficult. They are demanding on the taste and design of drinks. But nothing is impossible - delicious alcoholic cocktails at home is a task quite feasible for everyone!

  • "Cosmopolitan". In a shaker or a large glass, mix 20 ml of Cointreau liqueur and the same amount of vodka, 10 ml of cranberry juice and the same amount of lemon juice. Add crushed ice and stir thoroughly. Served in a martini glass.
  • "Sea breeze". In a shaker or blender, mix 50 ml of vodka and the same amount of grapefruit juice with 100 ml of cranberry juice. Stir well with crushed ice, serve in a tall glass, garnish with cranberries.
  • Mulled wine. Bring a bottle of red wine (dry or sweet) in an enamel bowl to a boil. Add spices to the wine: cinnamon, honey, cloves, coriander and simmer for several minutes. Cool the cocktail to the desired temperature, serve in a mulled wine glass with lemon wedges.

The fair sex prefer not too strong drinks with a pleasant taste. A beautifully decorated glass with a cocktail will only increase the degree of your appetite.

make an alcoholic cocktail at home

Best shots

Making alcoholic cocktails at home, which are drunk in one gulp, is also not a problem. The simplest and most delicious are the following cocktails.

  • B-52. To prepare this classic cocktail, you need to mix in equal proportions coffee, cream and orange liqueur. In a small glass, you need to pour the components in the same sequence, while you need to be extremely careful so as not to mix the layers. To do this, it is best to pour the liquor over the tip of a knife. The contents of the glass must be set on fire when serving and quickly drink through a straw.
  • "Kamikaze". In a small glass, 100 ml of vodka are mixed with 25 ml of orange liqueur. Add a few drops of lime juice.
  • "Green Monkey". Mix banana and mint liqueur in a small glass. Pour in layers - first a yellow layer, green liquor is carefully poured on top.

Short cocktails are most often preferred by men: they are stronger and have a pronounced alcoholic taste.

delicious alcoholic cocktails at home

Men's cocktails

Vodka is an alcoholic drink that is very popular among the strong half of humanity. Women like to try various cocktails that have original tastes, but men like more intoxicating drinks: cognac, whiskey, vodka, brandy and others. But such strong alcohol is not always appropriate. In some situations, it is more relevant to offer guests a cocktail, but which one is most suitable in a male company? Let's consider the most popular options:

  • Energy vodka. The preparation of such a cocktail is very simple. This requires a narrow glass of ice. Pour in vodka (50 ml), and 150 ml of an energy drink. Both ingredients are gently mixed with a spoon, and a couple of lemon slices are hooked onto the edge of the glass. You can add grenadine, it will give the cocktail a beautiful color.
  • Cape Coder. This drink is made from cranberry juice and vodka. This will require 50 ml of alcohol and 150 ml of fruit drink. Mix both ingredients in a glass with ice. You can decorate the cocktail with cranberries.
  • "IQ". An uncomplicated recipe for making a delicious, strong cocktail. Fill a tall glass with ice and add all the ingredients: vodka (50 ml), honey syrup (20 ml), grapefruit juice (150 ml). The components of the drink must be gently mixed with a spoon. Orange peel is used for decoration.

These drinks are easy to prepare and will not take long.

alcoholic cocktails at home

Exercise caution!

Making alcoholic cocktails at home, recipes for which are simple and appetizing, is as easy as shelling pears. But before that, it is worth remembering some of the features of these drinks that require special care and caution.

Alcoholic cocktails are very deceiving - their taste makes you think that you are not drinking alcohol at all, and forget about the quantity. Nevertheless, each glass of cocktail is an increased load on the liver and cardiovascular system. It is by combining various types of strong alcoholic beverages that one can achieve that they enhance and multiply the toxic effect of each other. And in combination with a pleasant taste and an atmosphere of universal fun, alcoholic cocktails can be very insidious for the body.

But this does not mean that you need to give them up! You just need to remember about moderation and not abuse, be able to stop in time, no matter how funny the company is.

alcoholic cocktails at home

A few alcoholic cocktails, provided you feel well, will only spice up a party with your friends.

Making alcoholic cocktails at home is not only a reason to surprise your friends and acquaintances, it can also be an excellent element of entertainment at a party: cocktails prepared together are much more interesting to taste together.

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