What plastic are the dishes made of?

What plastic are the dishes made of?

  • Disposable tableware is mainly made of PS (polystyrene), PETE (polyethylene terephthalate), PP (polypropylene). Reusable made from PP. You can find out the composition of the plastic by the markings on the bottom of the dishes.

    What plastic are the dishes made of?

    Polystyrene is opaque, PET is similar to the material of plastic bottles (reusable glasses are made from it), polypropylene is a translucent plastic, the wall thickness is the largest of all.

  • Two types of plastic are used for the manufacture of tableware - polystyrene and polypropylene.

    Polystyrene (PS markings on dishes) is usually used for disposable tableware - cups, spoons, plates that you usually buy for picnics and drink coffee on the run.

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    As such, it is not suitable for hot food, for it is soft and fragile, but you can drink tea and eat hot soup from such dishes once, but only immediately. But this type of plastic is not at all friendly with alcohol - it gradually dissolves in it.

    Polypropylene (marked with PP) - utensils are made from it that can withstand the temperature of the contents up to +100 degrees. Almost all utensils used in the kitchen are made from it - containers for microwave ovens, food storage, jar lids.

    There is also polyethylene terephthalate (PET) - used to make bottles for soda and milk.

    Other types of plastics are generally not used to make tableware.

    The type of plastic from which the dishes are made is indicated, as a rule, on the item itself with the letter index I mentioned above.

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