How are sushi sticks made?

How are sushi sticks made?

  • How high-quality sticks are made from bamboo has already been written. But those sticks that are common among us do this - they take a log, usually cut down in our own taiga, soak it a little, then push it into a special machine that unwinds the log into a tape, then this tape is quickly steamed again, cut into sticks , sticks are dried, sanded, washed and packaged. Voila - the exotic cutlery is ready. Well, then if they want to make the sticks more expensive, then they polish them better and paint them, they can even add some thread.

  • Bamboo is processed on a special machine designed specifically for making sticks. Moreover, the machine will immediately give out sticks stuck together, which we unstick ourselves. Apparently, the peculiarity of the bamboo fiber is that the sticks are still smooth on both sides.

Bamboo Chopsticks Manufacturing

Making round sticks. Easy and fast.

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