How to avoid unnecessary bitterness of bay leaf, using it in cooking?

How to avoid unnecessary bitterness of bay leaf, using it in cooking?

  • Lavrushka is mainly used for preservation, thrown into the marinade, 3-5 popped the minutes, dragged and thrown out. When cooking meat dishes, as well as soups, the same principle, add Lavrushka at the end of cooking literally for 2 minutes and then remove, this is enough for the dish, if you leave, then of course the food will get a bitter taste.

  • So that the bay leaf does not add excessive bitterness to the dish, but only gives off its flavor, you must put it in dishes at the end of cooking, take 5-10 minutes, then remove. Bay leaf put in soups, pickles, gravy, pate. It is also necessary to comply with the rate of bookmarks, with a bay leaf should not be overdone.

  • Personally, I see only Georgian bay leaf on sale in stores. It is bitter. At the same time, the Crimean bay leaf is much more sparing in taste. Therefore, I personally prescribe the Crimean bay leaf, it is sold in branches in our city during the collection season.

  • Bay leaf is great for all sour and salty dishes, it goes well with meat, fish dishes, as well as cabbage, beans and carrots.

    When preserved, it is added to tomatoes, mushrooms, and pickled cucumbers, which gives seaming a special freshness.

    The bay leaf is irreplaceable when cooking soup, borscht and soups.

    If you add a couple of its leaves in jelly, you get a very fragrant dish!

    And in Europe, which is interesting, sweet desserts, jams and drinks are very popular with its addition.

    But the bay leaf, having a pleasant aroma, still, taste bitter.

    Therefore, in order to avoid undesirable bitterness, you need to know a few rules when using bay leaf in cooking:

    • To make soups, take a leaf on 1 l for 1, and when cooking the main courses 1-4 leaf per serving;
    • Before throwing a bay leaf in a dish, it is very good to rub the leaves together, which will give the dish a greater flavor;
    • Bayer leaf should be added to soups in 5 minutes, and in main dishes in 15-20 minutes until the end of cooking;
    • Do not forget to remove "lavrushka" from the prepared dish;
    • And it is worth remembering: it is better to put more, and then quickly get a bay leaf, than not to report and overdo it in the finished dish. In the first case, you can get only a light aroma of essential oil, and in the second case, unnecessary bitterness.

    So, treat the bay leaf correctly and it will give you so many bright colors of the taste of your most delicious dishes in the world!

  • Bay leaf is a spice that gives a specific, bitter taste to food. It is used in marinades, bay leaves go well with meat, mushroom, vegetable dishes, and canning.

    The main rule when using spices is not to overdo it. Less is better than more.

    As for the bay leaf, it is necessary to rinse it before use, put it in soups and main dishes for 2-10 minutes until the end of cooking or frying. And after cooking, immediately, you need to remove. This can prevent the formation of bitterness in the dish.

    Enjoy your meal.

  • No need to leave bay leaf in the soup, gravy after cooking. This gives the dish unnecessary bitterness. bay leaf should be added five minutes before the end of cooking, and when the soup is ready, you need to pull it out and throw it away.

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