How to say potato or potato correctly?

How to say potato or potato correctly?

  • Of course, in everyday life we ​​are all used to talking potatoes, but in general you can speak as you like)) Well, if you take our mighty Russian language, then of course the most correct thing will be "potatoes" 🙂

  • To select a word potatoes or potato, objectively assess the conversational situation. If we want to mention the well-known root crop of the nightshade family in everyday speech, then the colloquial word "potato" will do, for example:

    Have you fried the potatoes yet?

    Tanya loves fries.

    Where can you buy cheaper potatoes?

    It is a different matter if the conversation is conducted by experts at the exhibition:

    What is the most productive potato variety?

    What are the ripening times for early potatoes in the middle lane?

    So the differences between the considered nouns "potato" and "potato" are purely stylistic:

    the colloquial word "potato" and the common literary word "potato".

  • I call potatoes, implying - vegetable, potato - meaning dish. You can say: "We bought a sack of potatoes, but at the restaurant they ordered potatoes for a side dish." The same goes for tomatoes - tomatoes.

  • There are different types of speech. So the announcer speaks in literary language, scholarly - scientific, there is spoken, common speech for us, there are various jargons.

    So, potato is the word for the correct name:

    a) one of the species of perennial tuberous herbaceous plants from the Pasln genus of the Paslnov family. In this case, this is the name in the scientific language - potatoes.

    b) is an independent name for culinary dishes made from potatoes: boiled potatoes; stewed potatoes in milk; fried potatoes, etc. And also, if any medicines and other means are prepared from potatoes.

    But in life, people tend to change the pronunciation of some words, using diminutive-affectionate or playful, playful forms: "ah, potatoes, potatoes!" So we call potatoes in everyday life, pom about it in songs! Even in poetry and other literary works, we use the word - potatoes! Except (I repeat) those moments where the potato is mentioned as a biological species, i.e. as a vegetable crop, and its exact description and characteristics are given. In addition, the word potato is used in the names of classic potato culinary dishes and, accordingly, in any recipes for its preparation.

    How to say potato or potato correctly?

  • Indeed, a children's song teaches you to pronounce "potato".

    How to say potato or potato correctly?

    And here we do not mean the dish, but the roots themselves, which must be dug up. That is, from childhood, the child is taught to speak like that, and then they make a remark. Not logical.

    I think the remark was not legitimate.))

  • Well, at the exhibition, potatoes will probably be somehow inappropriate (and even then in a conversation with each other it is quite acceptable). Well, in everyday life, perhaps the colloquial "potato" will just come to court. Somehow it will not be so to hear something like "but shouldn't we boil potatoes with beef stew." It will be somehow pretentious or something in everyday conversation. Although, in principle, I personally could allow both that and another name-calling of potatoes dear to our heart and soul, both here and there.

  • It is correct to say potato, but we used to call it potato, it's easier and more convenient. In stores, the price tag does not say potatoes, but potatoes are written, this is more formal, but although I think there is no mistake here, how to write it like this.

  • In the Russian language there are both words and both have the right to exist. "Potato" refers primarily to food, meaning a food item. "Fried potatoes" is a more correct expression than "fried potatoes". "Potato" usually has a botanical meaning and is used to describe a plant as a crop. In common parlance, this distinction disappears and the words are used interchangeably, with "potato" being a much more common variant.

  • If only "right" then potatoes. But this name refers to the entire plant of the Solnum tubersum family of nightshades. What we usually eat is potato tubers or potatoes, but not all potatoes.

    We call both of them a potato - a growing bush and its end product is a tuber, in common parlance, So it’s not right to eat “potato”, it’s just out of place, apparently, it was at the exhibition.

  • If at an exhibition, then potatoes, in everyday life - potatoes, in the field - potatoes

  • The correct and literary use of the word is "Potato".

    Potato is a vernacular word that has undergone a transformation of the Russification of the word. Professionals as well as educated people always say "potatoes".

  • The correct variant of spelling and pronunciation for this word in Russian will be exactly the variant "POTATO". However, often in everyday life and even in stores, we hear exactly potatoes, which from the point of view of the official Russian language is completely wrong.

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